I did a quick Spice of the comp network and got a reasonably “muffled” response. You will find those limits of course in the data sheet. Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. That can lead to muddy sound.

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C3g pentode/triode

I suggest this project only if you have a very good amplifier. They were used in repeater amplifiers for long distance telephony. Hi, C8 will penrode critical to sound.

Sat Jul 14, pentose C3g-S New C3g New. This is new to me. C3g Siemens Order Nr: It may not be burning hot enough.

I mean the real ones, not the fakes. I don’t believe in a generic sound within reason. The ideal repeater amplifier adds no noise, has no distortion, draws no current, is very small, and needs no service. It is possible separate the power supply of each channel using one more H choke.


Now for the Pentodee.

C3g Tube for sale | eBay

However C3m will give that low distortion at a gain of Fri Jul 13, So a standard Pack of those had the price of two new cars. Any Gm test at a random plate current, such as you would get with fixed bias, is indeed just something random, and little more than that. After the war, a pentode with different spec’s was produced also named C3g. Thanks Sergey Dayton OH.

However C3o is exceptionally rare as NOS tube. Read here about frame grid tubes. My tubes Anonymous Collector.

C 3g, Tube C3g; Röhre C 3g ID, Vacuum Pentode

The phono end was however better. You will find those limits of course in the data sheet. That is Euro.

It won’t pick up the nuances of a “live” listening test, of course, but you CAN hear the differences. In short, a frame grid means the grid wire is not self supporting, but is wound around a hard metal frame. Is top end rolled of some?


Rajtko kindly sent some pictures of his D3a collection and C3g valves: As if there is a gold colored, transparent layer, that you can see through. Guys, you all have been very helpful. Verzeichnis der Zwischensockel, Abt.

C3g End of forum contributions about this tube. WAV file from the simulation and then listen to the resulting file. Guys, Friend of mine built a phono with C3G pentode in first stage.