The order is probably the PCI card order and should not change between boot ups. I am guessing that the module is built into kernel now.. This page helped resolve this. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Most of the discussion on this page handles about the BT based cards. If not, you should try this howto here, and if it works, add this section to your card’s article in this wiki.

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I’ll try to set some channels to test. Linux Power User Bundle.

This is what I’ve done Debian Sarge testing, kernel version 2. The drivers are ridiculously buggy for this card.

Bttv devices (bt, bt) – LinuxTVWiki

These devices can be capture-only cards – which means video is taken directly from a video source without the use of a tuner – or they can be TV cards which make use of RF tuner circuitry to receive television signals and the capture chip is there to decode the extracted video and audio.


This page was last modified on 28 Octoberat I have some progress. Then I get this about overlay: Brooktree Corporation Bt Video Capture rev 02 Having a problem logging in?

Views Read View source View history. I tried some modprobe options such as Code: Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

If you have multiple Bttv cards in your system, you tb878 specify each one using a comma seperated list. January 6th, 8. Make sure you post the findings of your investigations here and on the Linux-Media Mailing List so that bttv-cards.

Linux Multimedia Hacks by Kyle Rankin

I could use some help with my tv card. Save the config file, compile your new kernel, install it and restart. Join Date Sep Beans 4.

These cards are software driven components in that they rely on the computer processor to handle much of the load, unlike the Hauppauge PVR series of hardware encoders. Results 1 to 10 of Howto setup a bt TV Card Thanks for the guide, this worked perfect for my Maxron maxtv tuner card. Testing your DVB device.


Last Jump to page: September 30th, 4. More detailed information on the module options can be found at: Join Date Feb Beans 5.

First of all Code: Invalid argument Which I assume is relevant to nothing but a black tv window. The correct title of this article is bttv. Any help with the overlay thing?

ZoneMinder Wiki – Wiki – Bt 4chip 8inputs

I found on some other forums a Windows tool which helps you determine the array, but I don’t have Windows installed and I don’t have enough space to install it just for this. Most of the discussion on this page bg878 about the BT based cards.

February 5th, Learning what these parameters need to be for your specific device may not be a trivial task.