Limited Gold Special Edition Classic. You might well conclude that my main system is the odd one out, and more likely than not, the M1 will perform without a preamp very well in many system combinations. The smaller Apogee Duettas are inherently drier, and more spritely performers than the more even-handed Divas but especially when using the Dalis or the Sonus Fabers, the sound was actually much more dynamic than it normally is using the Wadia in my main setup with the Divas. The interesting thing is that the Bricasti threads a very fine balance and prevents sounding like either of the stereotypical DAC deliveries. Here it shows plenty of refinement and a lightness of touch that works superbly with this slow-burner of a track. The M1 exhibits the same aura of quality as many of the classic products from those illustrious brands. There is no typical bent metal chassis and top cover found on most products.

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Conclusion The M1 throws a superb balance between technical excellence, emotional engagement and refinement. It is much like a chameleon, which after all I think is precisely what one should expect from a reference audio component. First incorporated for the M12 Dual Mono Source ControllerThe Bricasti network interface and media renderer option allows any M1 to be seen as a DLNA device on an audio network and server as an audio device to play or stream to through a wired connection on your network.

The Wadia has been part of my system for a while now, and that is because it just matches very well. The Bricasti M1 Classic has a distinctive and purposeful design, quite unlike other brands in the industry.

After some flipping through, I just left the DAC on filter 0. Produced in limited quantity, with special packaging and serial number, the Gold M1 is truly limited and unique.


Bricasti M1 USB CL

The Overture reveals an impressive way with dynamic extremes, and an inviting ability to render a large soundstage with sharply focused instrumentation. Higher Ground bricastk something of a rhythmic juggernaut and the M1 delivers every bit of that energy with conviction and precision. The separation goes as far as having dedicated DAC circuits per channel and individual power supplies.

With complex music, the Bricqsti keeps even the most silent sounds clearly audible, whereas they tend to sink into the mix sooner with the Wadia. On the same day that the Martens went back to HVP Audio, listening buddy Jan decided to pick up a pair of Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario speakers, which he was happy to leave with me for a while.

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DACsDigital Source. Rather it is honest, but definitely not ruthlessly so. Your mileage may vary. I always wonder why manufacturers do add multiple coaxial digital inputs, but always only one USB input.

Bricasti Design M1 review | What Hi-Fi?

They allow a small amount of time shift across the frequency range and suffer from more rippling after the leading edge of notes. Here it shows plenty of refinement and a lightness of touch that works superbly with this slow-burner of a track.

This was such a good match that I did not try any other cables in the main setup. Conversely, the Esoteric is quite happy to impose its own character on the sound, and this character has to fit the system in which it is used. Limited Gold Special Edition Classic.

What it does bridasti is deliver a rich tapestry of detail that weaves and blends seamlessly throughout the frequency range to vricasti a wholly convincing presentation.

As observed before, all the audiophile parameters were ticked, but this time the DAC also delivered large dynamic swings with thunderous impact and I think I mentioned this before but it really has bass to die for.


Although I am a bit divided between the two, I tend to keep coming back to Linear 3 and Minimum ub. This is a true dual-mono design where the left and right channels are separated out to prevent any interaction. All sections of the construction, the front and rear panels, the sides and even the bottom and top plates start out as solid blocks of aluminium which are precision machined to shape, with exact tolerances for a perfect fit.

The Briczsti remote is also available as an upgrade kit to be added to any M1. The M1 is loaded with leds, and these are clearly visible through the ventilation slits.

Esoteric D 27 May All the casework edges line up just so, and the controls feel slick and precise — no mean feat for a small company with accordingly limited resources.

Christiaan Punter Owner of Hifi-Advice. First off, we like the simple, large display.

All worked very well. This in part is made possible by the lowering the jitter to extremely low levels, providing a pure digital signal chain with no SRCs sample rate converters or digital volume controllers, superior digital filter design, coupled to a fast transparent analogue signal path with a discreet analogue output section and plenty rbicasti good clean linear power for optimum analogue performance.

Especially because the general consensus seems to be that there is a fundamental difference between these conversion types, I place special emphasis on this.