Originally Posted by emujo. Enter the name and the fax number of the destination, then click [Add Recipients]. Setting the date and time for the machine Set the date and time in this machine to have them printed on sent and received faxes. Tips When registering a group, even destinations of different types can be registered in one group. By default it’s set to Japan. Get the Android App.

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Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or not forget sending of a fax. Select a number, then select [New]. Fax Functions The Fax is a communication function that uses a telephone line to send scanned originals paper or to receive data sent from remote machines.

In polling transmission, the sender’s machine stores loaded data in its Polling Transmission User Box and sends out the data upon request from the recipient. You can print out transmission and reception logs as a report.


If not changed to US it will cause all sorts of weird issues. Up to group destinations can be registered. Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting. How can I send a confidential or important document by fax? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

Operation procedure Load the original. For details, refer to Here. Could also be an issue with the tansfer speed. Setting the resolution Load the original.

To use the fax functions, the Fax Kit is required. Also, these restrictions differ depending on the device that make up the network. Home Fax Fax Functions. Get the Android App. Faxing is possible without specifying a sender ID communication password.

Can I check fax transmission and reception fsx Sending a fax by relay distribution Load the original. Select whether to require the user to enter a fax number twice to send a fax by directly entering the fax number.

Bizhub C Fax Error

Tips The following preparatory steps are required: Enter the same name as the one registered. Can I select a line when transmitting a fax? Then click [Print] from the menu. This allows you to find it more easily.


Hey what ya doing? For transmission to take place in this mode, the fax number of blzhub originating machine must be registered on the recipient side.

Yes, you can forward a received fax to another fax vax, a computer or an E-mail address by registering forwarding destinations beforehand. Specifying image quality according to the quality of the original Load the original. How to configure the setting is explained using Web Connection.

Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

You can select up to destinations. This machine can function either as a sender machine or a relay machine. Specify the type dialing method of telephone line to which this machine is to be connected.