This document might not list all available printer models. Page Using a screwdriver, loosen the screw of the right cover, located at the rear side. Align the front and back corners of the top and bottom feeder units, and slowly lower the top unit so that the guide pins at the 4 corners of the bottom unit fit into the holes of the base plate of the top unit. Page of Go. Push the trays completely into the printer.

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bizhub 40P

Pull down the 2 levers at the bot- tom of the fuser unit. Continuous printing on cpl other than plain paper such as envelopes, labels, thick stock, or transparencies may adversely affect print quality or reduce engine life. Follow the procedure described below to type in the four-digit password specified from the printer driver. Finishing When the optional offset tray is installed, job separation and offset printing can be performed.

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Select the default settings for your printer, such as the default media for- mat you use, in the appropriate tabs. 04p the Lower Feeder Unit Note Since consumables are installed in the printer, be sure to keep the printer level when moving it in order to prevent accidental spills. The printable area on all media sizes is a a up to 4.


Antistatic Protection Turn off all power switches first. Konica Pvl 75 with optional IP print controller.


How do I autoduplex? Page When replacing a toner cartridge, refer to the following table. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it.

Ensure that the toner car- tridge is firmly set. If NO is selected, IPv6 is dis- abled In order to use this menu, the administrator For the installation procedure, Insert a new backup battery.

Not enough information is known about the printer data streams used by this printer to know whether they are host-based. Some parts of the envelope consist of three layers of paper—the front, back, and flap. Page The X Tray bizhjb, 2, 3 or Load the correct media 4 was specified with into the specified tray. Check here to start a new keyword search.

Squeeze the media guide width and slide bihzub to the desired paper size. We will do what we can to help determine how best to print to your printer from your System i. Thick Stock Image quality of the area from to mm in length is not guaran- teed.

Konica Minolta bizhub 40P User Manual

This menu item appears only if an optional hard disk kit or a CompactFlash card of 1GB or more is installed. The actual life may differ be shorter bizhug on the printing condi- tions coverage, paper size, etc.


Message Window Message Window The current status of the printer, the amount of toner remaining, and any error messages can be viewed from the message window.

Remove the connector cover of the printer as shown in the fig- ure. Printer View Click the button to display an image of the printer with all installed options in the figure area. Thin Paper Precut or perforated Preprinted or multicolored If the postcard is warped, press on the warped area before putting it in the tray. Load the paper face up in the tray.

Media matches the printer specifications. Page Lift the second lever from the top left corner of the back of the printer. Page Fan the media, and align its edges. Never subject the printer to vibra- tion. In addition, always handle circuit boards by the edges only.

Initialize the hard disk.