It can be enabled only in some pre-production samples. The second processor is, however, more interesting – VIA Technologies promised to use a new core C5X in the Ezra processor, which meant higher performance especially as far as calculations with a floating point are concerned. On the whole, it is a reliable and stable solution based on the VIA chipset at the price not differing from the competitors. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: But there are a lot of settings for memory, AGP bus on which an integrated video adapter works. Furthermore, you can’t change anything in operation of the CPU.

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There are only 7 capacitors, each of uF.

The processors from VIA Technologies are still based on the old core developed by Centaur, where a computing unit with a floating point is a weak point.

The processor’s and board’s temperatures are not displayed either. The board of the v1. The feed circuits have 12 uF capacitors. The problem consists in quite short time of existence, as compared with the computer giants, and insignificant means invested in the marketing and the trademark of C3 processors.

It can be enabled only in some pre-production samples.

M6VLB – BIOSTAR Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Besides, there are Media Ring Talk 99 and some other utilities. The only jumper on the board serves for cleaning CMOS content.


But it is the only which has just 2 PCI slots and is equipped with an old south bridge. The jumper is only one; it cleans the CMOS contents.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Well, this board will suit only for the most unpretentious user, who is short of cash at the same time.

As a result, the processor business in the low-end sector is more profitable for VIA than, for example, for AMD which has to sell its budget processors at the prime cost or even biowtar in order to maintain its niche.

Biostar M6VLB User Manual

Nevertheless, such a fine fab process provides a low prime cost. The model is very convenient: The board doesn’t differ much from others in this review. By the way, it has biostra appeared on the market. But the sensation didn’t take place: As the experience shows, even on the low-end processor market the price is not a determining factor.

There are also jumpers for setting the base processor frequency – 66,MHz and for adjusting a multiplier – from 1.

But there are a m6vlg of settings for memory, AGP bus on which an integrated video adapter works. It is interesting that the Biistar based boards cost almost equally – the fight on the budget market is so severe that the most expensive manufacturer ASUS offers products at liberal prices.


Although you can choose a memory frequency, its timings can’t be adjusted.

That is why we have decided to display the results of only one board. As a result, it doesn’t suit home computers with their games greedy for a coprocessor.

Besides, you can change the correlation of memory and FSB frequencies. But the latter function is unfortunately locked in the processor. Looking at the diagrams you should take into account that if you are buying a computer for an office the higher scores will mean for you that a file in the Word will open faster by 0. Furthermore, you can’t change anything in operation of the CPU. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: All functional elements and connectors are placed conveniently.

On the whole, the processors are rather good: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Well, the way-out is only one: