My company needed a solution for inventory and we chose to go with Barcodes. Our technicians use this in vehicles where the temperature can exceed degrees. It scans publisher barcodes as well as ones I print off onto labels. They accurately scan our product labels into our shipping and ERP solution. If you ever have a problem Motorola is painless to work with and have replaced faulty items, keep in mind I’ve only had one out of 60 I have purchased. Use in our quilt shop.

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The Symbol LS handheld scanner delivers performance features at an affordable price to make your buying decision easier than ever.

ID Check Inventory management. We used another scanner for many years. It scans publisher barcodes as well as ones I print off onto labels. For GSA ordering scsnner, call I have enjoyed utilizing this product in the library!

Symbol LS Scanner – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

We purchase the LS to use with our new shipping software. This was recommended by our vendor. We use 35 of these scanners in an industrial environment and everyone loves them. Busy Retail Liquor Store. In Elementary Library Scans book barcodes Scans patron barcodes. Inventory Point of sale.


Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Barcode Scanner

My cart Cart is empty. Easy to setup, easy to use.

Easy to use Ergonomic Space saver. Perfect for day to day task at our company. We use these scanner at our two hardware stores they are reliable and easy to set up, I get an average usage of 4 years under heavy use out of one.

Its reliable, simple to set up, and easy to use. As a ticket broker, I was looking for something to quickly scan and enter barcodes vs having to hand bzrcode them all in. None – For My Application.


See “Pros and Cons” for comments. We were scanning product within minutes. If you’re seeking investment protection in a scanner that’s small and light enough for maximum productivity, then the LS is the ideal scanner for you. We rent scabner and most of our inventory is barcoded so we have control and tracking ability. It was easy to use and took me seconds to explain to coworkers how to use.

Does not draw from the computers resources, and setting each up barode a breeze. I would recommend it.


Used in a small but expanding specialty clothing seller. I do travel with my iPad Air and am disappointed that there needs to be a power supply hooked bacode to electricity for this unit to work which is NOT the problem of the bar code unit it is that square didn’t take into effect to allow it to run on the power of the iPad through the stand. ID Check Inventory management.

Symbol LS General Purpose Barcode Scanner | Zebra

Complete ID Card Systems. USB kit, 1D Laser. The compact desing keeps the counter open for a large work area. The only complaint is that it doesn’t come with the factory manual which has a large amount of customizing instructions.

Easily navigate your media library ls2208 the tap of a finger or via traditional button controls if you prefer. Haven’t Found Any Yet. Plant Floor Job Tracking.