Better I could work on a version that wait for this klog messages, or something equivalent. Many of the suppliers have been audited so you don’t need to worry about anything. Inappropriate ioctl for device Sending the message returned error View answer in context. Only disconnecting the modem release the console. Also as Grant Bennet-Alder said you will need a cellular account to use it if there are Mac drivers for it.

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Also, in the current data version there are new entries for the C and C Trading Company 3 Other 2. I will also try this solution.

BandLuxe C HSDPA USB Dongle – add high speed mobile data to your laptop | The Red Ferret Journal

The chipset in the netbook is either buggy or just not very well supported by the kernel. Is your account already active? Sure I want to add the umount command to the end of sequence as patched 1.

Aug 9, 1: I end testing the pathed binary, all work, the Bandluxe C switch always reliably, in manual or automatic run. Thank you, your analysis finally solved the riddle about this device!


Bandluxe HSDPA USB stick – C – Apple Community

Anyway the modem doesn’t change id: Wed Jun 30, hssdpa Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I conclude you are out of luck. Original device is gone already, not checking Searching for target devices Thus it appears that it works with a Mac but the specific compatible OSX versions are not identified. No guarantee, but you can’t break anything. Looking in the kernel log the desktop icon appear as in the log is printed the following sentences: This hadpa probably my fault in understand the code.

Unfortunately, I can’t blame anyone else than myself I will prepare a new data package as soon as possible.

Aug 9, Sun Jul 04, OK, driver found “usb-storage” OK, driver “usb-storage” detached Setting up communication with interface Lots of global buyers are satisfied with the price or discounts our suppliers offered and it helps them succeed in business via our one-stop sourcing. So I concluded that while -n option is needed and parsed correctly from the command line, the corresponding option from the config file is not correctly read.


Internally, the reset follows the command transfer, so it might give the device a kick after the order. I wrote the “same” supplied by the package, and it does not work: Immediately after it commented here will stuck the modem physical disconnect required.

Products Suppliers Sourcing Requests Products. Then I checked why with other config file doesn’t happen this bug, and I saw that only some files are old: Just click the “Contact Now” button to enquire bandluze for more details now.

Same system software, different behaviour. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

BandLuxe C120 HSDPA USB Dongle – add high speed mobile data to your laptop

I’ve seen it with other devices. I will retry and post here the results.

There is something that I cannot manage to work automatically.