Orders are non-cancellable, non-returnable. Socket for 3-pin 5. It is strongly recommended for all shipments to China. This is a generic programming manual for all Avtech instruments. DB-9 pin 5 connects to diode pin 14 TEC-. Not suitable for models that require a transformer ratio greater than 1. Each AVO-9 pulsed laser diode driver includes a customized high-speed socket for the user’s diode, offering ease of use without noticeably degrading performance!

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The socket will accept 8-pin TO packages. Programming Manual for -B Instruments kB, Specifies this common diode configuration typical of some EM4 diodes, and others: The following manuals for the AVO-9RA family possibly including customized models are available online: If a specific pinout option has been selected -P1B or -P1C, for instanceno additional information is avtfch.

Socket for pin DIL package generic. The positive pulse signal will be applied to the anode pin.

200mA Pulsed Laser Driver

Consult your local representative for pricing. Polarity Options Positive output polarity -P 0 0 A polarity must be specified. Pelican model avtecb half-rack-width 8. Pins and will be grounded.


Datasheets, Manuals, and Prices for the Avtech AVO-9RA Laser Diode Driver (Pulsed Voltage)

Socket for 2-pin 5. Click here for additional information about price list terms, shipping methods, warranty and repair information. The signal will be applied to one pin. We can also provide you with a formal quote.

Current Pulsers and Laser Diode Drivers (Pulsed Current)

DB-9 pin 3 connects to diode pin 2 TH. All other pins will be grounded. Dioxe for TO package generic. This is the same as the -P1C option, except that the diode has no internal 25 Ohm resistance. Ships the instrument in a heavy-duty ATA-style transport case, instead of the normal cardboard box. SI 32, V, 50 Hz.

Due to government policy and international treaty obligations, these models are not available for sale to India, Pakistan, and other nations that are not avfech of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Avtech – Protecting the Environment. No additional drawings are required if this option is specified.


This option is designed for compatibility with Thorlabs temperature controllers and certain QPhotonics laser diodes. Access to the photodiode, if present, is not provided. In particular, the VXI Provides a socket pinout suitable for use with certain Qphotonics DIL laser diodes and others. A male DB-9 connector is provided on the output module, which provides access to the thermal control pins of the DIL-package diode.

DB-9 lasee 2 connects to diode pin 2 TH. Adds a rear-panel Ethernet connector, allowing the instrument to be remotely controlled using the VXI The socket will accept a 2-pin 5mm epoxy LED package with 2. Estimated price only, for an 8-pin TO3 package with 1.

Our online Model Number Checker tool can be used to validate model numbers.