This set of headphones reproduces bass with much more impact than the open AD set. We had excellent positional audio over our 5. We chose the headphone setting in the C-Media software. The card offers a very balanced musical sound quality that keeps you interested and involved in your music. As we drew closer to the entrance, we had to pick off a dozen enemies.

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As 2f bomb was approaching the enemy building, we could hear it in the sky far to our left, approaching and then exploding in front of us on impact. The Titanium HD has a compatible yet different style of socket for housing the OpAmps and it tends to be a bit more forgiving if you have bent a pin.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G Sound Card Review

The scene pans around the race track; cars can be heard from every direction. We experienced good imaging with game sound using headphones, no matter what volume level we used.

Lastly, we tried the original F. The vocals in both albums were very clear and melodic though. The number and type of analog output connections you require should affect your decision as well. The second tab allows a user to select or mute individual playback and recording levels. If you have used the Corsair HS1 headset we reviewed s October or any other C-Media based product in the last few years, you will not have any learning curve using this software whatsoever.


We really enjoyed the new Adele album as it is mostly solo vocals and orchestral music. The software became much easier to navigate after a few sessions of use.

Auzen X-Meridian 2g soundcard review – Introduction

Recording The X-Meridian 2G has two microphone inputs, one for the front panel and ayzentech for the back panel. We can hear each of them come from its respective akzentech to imprison Cruise. Here, the Titanium HD shows less crosstalk in the higher frequencies. Auzentech has a category for the new X-Meridian 2G in its support forums, but only one of the questions there has ever been answered by someone from Auzentech. The X-Meridian 2G has four upgradeable operational amplifiers.

The even sound signature of the X-Meridian 2G was a perfect fit. For those of you that would like to see suzentech physical differences in the original X-Meridian 7. Lastly, we tried Mafia II. The X-Meridian 2G carries a one year warranty.

You do not want to bend or break a capacitor on the card, unless you really like to solder things. Searches for the new product on Amazon. Both cards showed a nearly perfect flat line across the audible frequency range and the results from both tests are considered to be quite good.

The back of the inner box carries an amusing label: If you require a true headphone amplifier for high impedance or very hard meridiam drive headphones, this sound card is not for you. Every time we viewed a cut scene, we appreciated the score as well as auzentecy clean reproduction of character voices. With modern games created for Vista and Windows 7, we did not have a single issue related to the X-Meridian 7.


We cannot fault any current sound card for lacking the ability to enable EAX in legacy games. We commented earlier that Auzentech only self-rates this card with two stars. Some users claim the native Auzentedh version of both of those cards sound better, but others say there is simply no difference whatsoever.

Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G PCI

Overall the card has a very clean and organized design. Product Pricing and Packaging The X-Meridian 2G sound card was released in December, but we have not found many third party suppliers of the card online. Cruise falls into a car on quzentech production line. As NPCs shot at us, we had excellent positional audio. We played through the entire single player campaign.