The Martian Oddity Video Games and other weird stuff! Keep in mind like many cards there were variations of the Mach64 offering more and faster video RAM as well as minor chip revisions. I have the GX variant which offers enhanced video playback capabilities over the original card. Old School Game Blog Amiga enthusiasm, retro gaming passion. I have found even a Pentium plays the movie clips in Panzer General a bit to fast but on the Pentium everything seems to play at the correct speeds and game play is very fluid. Machines based around the socket 4 Pentium and 66 make for a fairly fun and unique DOS computer.

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This site uses cookies. I originally wanted to go with Socket 5 for this build but lacking a working socket 5 board I opted for a slightly newer AT style socket 7 board.

As neat as a socket 4 system is If you want to read about one check out an article I wrote on the subject here They can be pretty expensive and hard to find these days. The MQXm is a very interesting card as it supports many features and even has two Zilog Z80 chips for dual midi output.

Synthetic benchmarks tend to favor the Pentium more but those kind of results are usually expected from synthetics.

ATI Mach64 VT VGA PCI Video Card | eBay

Random mutterings on retro computing, old technology, some new, plus radio controlled scale modelling. So now that we have looked over all our hardware how does this macj64 perform and also how does its performance stack up to my socket 4 66mhz PC?

I had to use the middle bay to mount the hard drive as no other space was available for mounting. This is an older SB16 with manual jumpers to configure settings and a dial to control volume. These results seem to indicate that gaming on a Pentium machine should give a more or less similar experience to gaming on a Pnetium machine without the headaches and with significantly lower cost involved.


Sound — I really struggled with choosing a sound card for this system as I wanted something that felt correct for the era but I also wanted to experiment a little with different cards. To sti out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Lets take a mahc64 at the benchmarks. The Pentium was released in September of for the new socket 5 but it is sti compatible with mzch64 newer socket 7 form factor when it was later released. The Martian Oddity Up allthingsdos.

Now that we know the motherboard we are using for this project lets take a look at the other components.

Old School Game Blog Amiga enthusiasm, retro gaming passion. With this project I wanted to make a Pentium based system as cheap as possible and as close to the performance as possible to the original Pentium and Pentium The case I decided to use for this project is a little beat up but I think it has the right look for this machine and I wanted to go with a desktop style for this build.

Music Quest MQXm with dongle. Even though the faster Pentium has an advantage of a slightly newer architecture and a 9mhz clock bump I was very curious how much of an effect the lower 50mhz FSB of the Pentium with a 1. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


ATI Mach64

As I mentioned earlier you can get somewhat different results depending on what motherboards you use but I feel results will generally nach64 the trend above. As mentioned earlier though usage in Windows 3. The earliest Pentiums also have their fair share of quirks and can be unreliable. Of course the video card can be upgraded to a faster 2D card or even a 3D card if you so choose. Evelynn Star Lynn talks about video games, records and books ATI Atk also tested but statistically identical to Mach There are software solutions such as SoftMPU but this creates a small amount of processing overhead and I just tend to prefer hardware solutions when available.


I can confirm myself that when using the card under Windows macu64 in the GUI felt snappy.

The Martian Oddity Video Games and other weird stuff! Machines based around the socket 4 Pentium and 66 make for a fairly fun and unique DOS computer. From looking at the tests the ET makes a pretty big difference and in many places helps close the gap with the Pentium machine. You can check here to get a guide on how to set your jumpers to fit your requirements.

That said if you want to build one just for the experience or maybe due to nostalgia for a 75mhz PC you had in earlier years it will still make a very serviceable retro machine capable of playing a large amount of games from the later DOS and early Windows years.