Seems fine and works perfectly at present. At the moment we only sell them complete with Laptop AC adapters. Would recommend to others. Well known manufacturer GreenCell. But I’m pleased with it. Battery code can be found on the nameplate which is placed on the back of every storage battery. Am I to incur any extra costs while taking delivery of the item?

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But I’m pleased with it. Really good for my needs.

Will your Laptop AC adapters work in other countries besides the India? Delivery time Friday, Read them and enter one set of those details in our search engine adding a make of the original device. Am getting at least 3 hrs use before recharging.

Of course not — the price that is indicated on the product page of our website is the final price that we charge. It is OK for the voltage to be within 1 — 1.

Our compatibility lists are very accurate but occasionally we do find an odd mistake that needs to be rectified. We, as a reputed dealer of perfect array of products, source our range only from trustworthy and perfect quality product vendors.


Description Additional Information Reviews 9 Delivery. Not up to a radiator or anywhere where the adapter is enclosed on all sides.

Notbook ASUS X43SV-VX133D ราคา 13,500บาท

The battery with original cells by Green Cell lasts longer. Your electricity supply will be able to deliver whatever input amperage is needed. How to choose a suitable model Two easy ways how to find a battery fitting yout laptop. I can’t say more as I haven’t had it very long. Vx13d within 24 hours.

Everything like on product description. Yes, our Laptop AC adapters will work in any country as they accept an input of Volts right up to Volts.

Post a Comment Cancel Reply. Moreover, the entire arrays of products we source have CE certification and are guaranteed for safety. Compatible with following battery models. Rega IT deals x43ssv with superior quality replacement appliances and these products are widely acclaimed as keeping up axus industry standards of original appliances producers or even exceed them.

Temperature resistance Temperature control makes the cells operate in a safe range. Read the code and enter it in store search engine store search engine ex.

ASUS X43SV drivers

No, they are Rega IT branded replacement AC adapters designed to fit your particular make and model of laptop. A lot of people xv133d if their laptop Ram does not function properly anymore, but it’s actually not that bad.


Are the products offered by Rega IT flawless and are of impeccable quality? Battery code can be found on the nameplate which is placed on the back of every storage battery. The technology used in batteries does not differ from the original ones Capacity: Protection against short circuits At the time a threat of short circuit is detected, the device shuts off the cell and electronics automatically.

Would recommend to others. Device model can usually be found on the name plate on the side of the device. So with price guarantee, fast delivery, and competent service, you will not get your product easier, faster and cheaper than with us. Technical specifications Capacity mAh Voltage If this should happen just email us or fill a form on Contact us page to report the compatibility issue. You can be rest assured that we will dispatch the item within 24hrs and delivery will take working days Q.