It uses dual rear-venting fans that quickly remove heat from core components to verify the utmost stability and endurance. With G, always focus on your game and never let discomfort pull you away from great times. Windows 8 was designed for you and what you want to do. And of course it’s a gorgeous show-off machine everyone will flock to, with the illuminated ROG logo on the cover serving as a beacon of cool. It also uses software fine-tuning of audio output, adapting to diverse applications and usage types. As heat and noise are not a factor, you can better focus on gaming and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment for all your adventures.

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So even if you’re away on vacation, your G will be faithfully waiting and ready to go as if you never left. Backward compatibility with To better keep in touch with your co-op partners and everyone else, there’s an HD camera, while a range of exclusive accessories complete your gaming experiences for more thrills at home and away.

Completely contactless fully-body motion sensing lets you do more in the vkdeo instinctively natural manner.

The future is in your hands – Experience the powerful 17” gaming laptop

SSDs are also more reliable and longer-lasting than mechanical hard drives, and by installing the operating system on solid state, G shortens annoying game loading times. You also get a complete numeric keypad and isolated directional keys, plus longer key travel distance to make sure response is smooth and accurate.

It drives games in ultra detail and complete fluidity, while eliminating bothersome delays.

The big touchpad complements all other input methods, joining a spectrum of intuitive interaction. G has a p HD camera to make video chats zsus clear. Welcome to the ongoing stealth revolution!


Thank you in advance! In addition to lowering temperatures dramatically, the thermal design promotes your comfort, as heat is driven out the back of the notebook, not the side, front, or underside. Its premium gaming keyboard arrives with sensitive response and durable keys that can take the pressure. Its construction assures strength, so even if you’re an intense gamer, the keyboard can handle it while remaining absolutely responsive.

Clarity and sound range are improved, and the added amplification brings out more detail and nuances, so you hear everything in a more distinct manner — and become a better informed gamer. Products may not be available in all markets.

Great to the touch and resisting heat build-up, these keep you gaming in comfort even during the most extended tours of duty. It meets your gaming needs as the ultimate weapon in any gameplay genre, making you a better gamer and a mightier ally to your teammates.

Professional MaxxAudio sound processing tools infuse G with another layer of cool sonic detail. Tough, attractive, and totally comfortable, this is the finest keyboard on any gaming notebook to date.

So far I have never updated the graphics driver and I’ve been using the Nvidia Maximize your game with Republic of Gamers accessories. The microphones are designed to filter out ambient noise, which means that even if you’re at a LAN party or some other loud event, your voice still carries true.

G once again rises to the challenge, offering superfast connectivity. Smart technologies embedded in the new processors lead to extra short boot times, reduced load waits, and a host of other great features that culminate in a vastly improved user experience.


Anyone use the G for Video and Graphics Editing?

I went to the ASUS support xsus and downloaded the newest driver provided, but they were giving more problems than the one before. The ROG GX gaming mouse was crafted with its high precision laser sensors capable of up to dpi, and PTFE feet for effortless surface gliding for only one purpose: With the power of G, the operating system has all asys resources it requires to run optimized, with super-sleek multitasking.

To be honest the internal screen will only get used occasionally for anything other than browsing so while I would love it to be perfect it would be fine just being good. Gaming is increasingly online and live, plus you get much of your entertainment from the internet — movies, music, TV shows, even radio. Just like everything else about G, the touchpad also revolves around precision and greater control. Sure, with G your games look their best, but they also sound fantastic.

ROG GJX | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS

If you like your games with literally more depth, take a look at this. With ASUS WebStorage, convenience is the main priority, offering you easy storage, sharing, and syncing t750jx everything from business presentations to photo albums and favorite multimedia content. This is vital when communicating with teammates during multiplayer engagements, but is just as great to have for chatting and doing VoIP with family and friends.