Can you give me a part number?? I am trying to build my own stepper drivers for my 3 axis CNC plotter a cnc with pen instead of a tool. I would also appreciate advises that would be help me complete this project successfully. This technique is known as “chopper drive” and it allows the motor to increase its top speed. Can you post a copy of the original files so we can use it to make more diagrams?

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For the regulator you need the old standby circuit for the I am not sure about the inputs pins in L that i’ll be needing arduink application in my project. Also consider accepting an answer to any of your questions that solves your problem.

L stepper driver guidance for CNC plotter project

Well, I’ve certainly been finding both of your ardulno very helpful! It’s about ten years old, and still works like a charm. As my schematic shows: Thanks for helping out a slow learning electronics geek wanabe!

I asked him what should i do first and he answered to me,’do it from scratch’ Arduion, I have not yet tried any circuits!! Daniel suggested Schottky diodes. Another reason for separating the supplies is to prevent noise from getting back into the microprocessor. A small motor could draw 10 amps for a few milliseconds, for example.


One end of the potentiometer goes to the 40k Ohm resistor I recommend the CW pin of the potentiometer. If an external clock source is used it is injected at this terminal.

L298 & L297 Based High Current Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

The circuit should perform acceptably with this arduuno either tied to logic high 5V or logic low GND. This is probably a real dumb question, but how do you use perfboard?? I put the whole circuit in a Hammond B box, and the box acts as a heatsink. You can leave this pin disconnected.

I just checked the farnell site for the l and it is listed as no longer stocked? I read on RepRap wiki page, The interpreter works in ardduino mode but which one is better and will produce better results??

The motor takes one step for each pulse sent from the arduino board. Also from the L datasheet: Hi I made some stepper motor drivers with the L and L five years ago, and they still work great! I’m just a beginner still! Daniel – you wrote ‘Use an onboard regulator to provide nice clean power to the L, and lots of bypass capacitors’. This is used for giving the reference voltage for controlling the Chopper circuit.


There is nothing wrong with the schematic, after all it is the reference design of the chip manufacturer. If you are building a single motor driver on your board, you can leave this pin disconnected. I’m getting closer to actually trying to build this thing!

Please share any perf board tips or advice!!

L stepper motor controller

The diagram suggests using the L which is a ‘2 schottky bridge motor controller’. Allegro have some new ICs out for controlling unipolar steppers that do the job of the L and the darlington array in one chip.

If i remember correctly, when arduino is powered by an external supply ie not USBthe 9V pin actually outputs the same voltage as the supply voltage. The bigger the motor, the bigger the power supply. When the phase lines are chopped the non-active phase line of each pair AB or CD is activated rather than interrupting the line then active.

The actual schematic you have used would be helpful because currently the one you show is the generic one of the datasheet.