It works fine for drywall, although it’s a bit heavy. Drywall, what else is there to say. Both fancy dimplers were junk. For most DIYers who aren’t driving screws 8 hours a day this is probably acceptable, or at least worth a shot. I still haven’t gotten an impact driver. I have a heavy-duty Milwaukee Teks gun — a beefed-up drywall driver, basically. I’m starting to build a deck and will need to drive well over 1, screws.

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Drywall screwgun or “dimpler” bit??

As I stood before the gates I realized that I never want to be as certain about anything as were the people who built this place. It quit working after less than an hour.

Depending on the screw you may or may not be able to use a dimpler or the colared bit. Last I looked, you could buy a cordless drill for less than the cost of a real Stanley Yankee.

You pop it up on the wall, screw it in and finish it.

Milwaukee Saw Blades Review. Even though there is a lot that goes into making drywall, the concept is pretty simple. Maybe one of these days Well, My first thought is cordless drill. Small Buys Taunton’s self service advertising program. For most DIYers who aren’t driving screws 8 hours a day this is probably acceptable, or at least worth a shot. As noted earlier, drywall is just crushed rock being held together by two amerian of paper.


If you hear that little click, the screw isn’t deep enough. Obviously the simple collared bit wears out fast and strips the screws a bit, but they’re cheap, and they work almost as well as the clutch type.

Current Issue Current Issue. I need to purchase something to drive drywall and deck screws. The head is magnetic which holds the screw in place until you use the screw. Follow Us on Social. I bought verrmont brand that was slightly cheaper. Politics is the antithesis of problem solving. It works fine for drywall, although it’s a bit heavy. Power Tool Accessory Reviews.

Drywall screwgun or “dimpler” bit?? | Fine Homebuilding | Breaktime

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. But being crushed, how sturdy is it really? Sounds like a great deal. There are some key concepts to drywall wall, but the one we are going to cover is attaching drywall to a surface such as studs or other objects.


Thank you, but I think I’d like to pay 10x the price, and get a Yankee! I’ll walk out back and check it after I post this, and apologize if I’m wrong on the model As you can see from my earlier post, my Yankee actually played a part in hanging GWB back in the day. There are some who hang drywall everyday and they have this down to a science.

As the user screws in the screw, it works as any bit would. Both fancy dimplers were junk. As some posters said decking screws are available in phillips, torx, and squaredrive. Flat list Threaded list.

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube. Overall the American Vermont Dimpler is a great bit to have around. Drywall screwgun or “dimpler” bit?? Of course, there are even stronger drives: