Retrieved October 8, Retrieved June 7, Benchmark Settings Page AMD chipset series. Some of the members of the AMD chipset series, specifically the and family of chipsets and the GX chipset, have integrated graphics onboard IGP , as well as supporting hardware video playback acceleration at different levels. Products may not be available in all markets. Having said all that I run Linux Ubuntu – http:

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AMD’s G chipset – The Tech Report – Page 12

Forget about the CPU utilization results, too; with such disproportionate throughput, we can’t draw many conclusions here. Retrieved July 21, Subscribe ams our newsletter.

AMD chipset series. The chipset series, first launched in China on January 23,and released worldwide on March 5, during CeBIT[6] mobile chipsets MG, MG and MT chipsets were released on June 4, during Computex as part of the Puma mobile platform and the GX chipset was released on August 6,while some other members released at a later date in Can you add faster ram than the main system uses?

Thus it uses more power; some will have to upgrade causing needless waste. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.


Retrieved January 25, You must login or create an account to comment. Retrieved January 20, AMD claims we will see certain boards with this feature included, and it expects the onboard RAM to improve integrated performance by percent. Although the aforementioned figures may be small compared to the TDP figures of a performance CPU, there is a growing demand for computer systems with higher performance and lower power consumption.

Integrated goodness? A review of the AMD G chipset | Ars Technica

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Once linked, the two GPUs work together, theoretically boosting overall system performance. Onboard, dedicated graphics memory has been available for over a decade, but OEMs typically avoid the option in order to save money.

The G has a total of 26 PCIe 2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved October 8, Now that we’ve covered the features of the G chipset in general, let’s have a look at the motherboard we tested.

Once CrossFire is supported under Linux http: Retrieved November 23, Retrieved August 13, Retrieved December 12, Usv say ban it. The motherboard supports DDR3 memory that features data transfer rates of O.

The need for energy-efficient chipsets have risen since chipsets starts including more features and more PCI Express lanes, to provide better system scalability by using PCI-E add-on cards.


Power Consumption – 73 Watts during Blu-ray Playback. Why were there gaming benchmarks in this review? I have been using AMD processors all the way through since Socket-A and although Intel have a performance advantage at the moment, I strongly believe that AMD have got their architecture correct. Cost of a basic HD-Capable System.

780G Drivers & Support

Advanced clock calibration ACC is a feature originally available for Phenom families of processors, particularly for Black Edition ones, to increase the overclocking potential of the CPU. In normal cases, it is not possible to use or unlock any of those hidden cores because originally those cores were disabled: And as a result, the first performance and enthusiast segment chipsets products under the AMD brand, the FX, X and chipsets were launched on November 19, as part of the Spider codenamed desktop performance platform.

Despite the G’s obvious throughput lead, Mbps isn’t particularly impressive.