Specifications 40 Braille cells: Twin Satellite keypads are conveniently positioned at either side of the braille array. One set of Satellite keypads each sets consists of six keys performs computer keyboard navigation such as the directional cursor keys, tab and shift tab, control tab and control shift tab, escape, backspace and enter. Downloads Find the available downloads for this product here: Please review our price list or visit www.

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The ALVA Satellite is a refreshable braille display designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

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Specifications 40 Braille cells: The ALVA Satellite series feature two unique Satellite keypads enabling the user to issue aalva, navigating and related commands directly from the. It can be used in the office, at school, or at home.

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Alva Satallite

The Satellite series is available in several models. Check the available downloads below.

Do you wish to have wireless computer access to applications? Navigation Currency exchange Recent posts. Skip to main content. The unit has a cell piezoelectric display and users can elect to use all forty-four cells as reading cells or to use three status cells and forty reading cells.

By offering maximum control directly from the braille display, hand movement between the braille display and keyboard is significantly reduced. Astellite front side layout includes two satellite keypads with six keys each for navigation and operation.


Specifications are subject to change without notice and depend on availability. The ALVA Satellite series feature two unique Satellite keypads enabling the user to issue reading, navigating and related commands directly from the Braille display.

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The second row of touch cursors is used to request speech feedback when used with a speech synthesizer such as font, font lava, size and color. Would you like a device that converts information from your computer screen into a seamless line of Braille characters? The status cells can be positioned at the left or right astellite of the braille array or be turned off altogether to maximize the number of braille reading cells.

Plug in a standard power cable satelite the appropriate geographical region and the Satellite automatically senses the corresponding voltage. Are you a Braille reader? Innovative twin satellite keypads provide fast and easy access to speech and Windows functions. Quick links Contact us! Including Double Touch Cursors for cursor routing and font information and tactiley shaped navigation keys, the ALVA Satellite is simply a pleasure to use. Please review our price list or visit www.

For use with IBM and compatible computers. Thanks to the eatellite features, enhanced navigation and highly productive operating possibilities, the ALVA Satellite Traveller is a real plug-and-play dream.

Efficient access to information Offering 40 Braille cells, an optional built-in screen reader and high range integrated Bluetooth technology, the ALVA Braille Controller wirelessly connects to your computer, smart phone or tablet without having to install a driver.


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The integrated Braille keyboard enables you to take a quick note or write down a phone number. Take the Apva BC with you, using the convenient carrying case, and effortlessly interact with your phone or computer. The Avla keypad is the most exciting feature in braille display development to come along since the touch cursor.

No longer is a bulky external power supply required. Twin Satellite keypads are conveniently positioned at either side of the braille array. The first row of Touch Cursors routes astellite cursor or generates a left mouse click at the position shown in braille, which corresponds to the location on the monitor. Additionally, names given to graphics are announced and a right mouse click can be generated at any location to invoke a Windows context menu.

Depending on which screen reader software is being used, three status cells provide additional information such as text attributes, vertical or horizontal focus position, braille display position within a window, control types in a dialog and screen reader mode.