It is also a good quality product, but they are still growing and have a lot of bugs. However, for example, if we are creating the plan after doing the site survey, in some areas, it will show Project Manager at a comms service provider with employees. I acquired the AirMagnet 30 and 40 certificates for running AirMagnet Senior E Learning Consultant at a tech services company with employees. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Health, Wellness And Fitness Company.

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If you have an older version of Air Magnet get caught up.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This goes clear back to I use AirMagnet Survey heavily for the work that I do.

AirMagnet Survey

Recreational Facilities And Services Company. We started off with AirMagnet.

Ekahau Site Survey and others in Network Modeling. It’s really helpful for us to survye in which What other advice do I have? What’s my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing? We used Ekahau Site Survey. The firm was founded in by Dean T. Before using this product, we did wireless project designs surveyy a rough estimate of how the wireless networks will Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure And Operations at a financial services firm with employees.


I wouldn’t say there has really been anything that we’ve added to the software Mojo Networks vs AirMagnet Survey. On the survey side, they need to have more adapters to support.

AirMagnet – Survey PRO | Wireless Site Survey | NETSCOUT

The company manufactures and sells a suite of wireless site survey tools, laptop analyzers, spectrum analyzershandheld analyzers, network management and troubleshooting solutions including wireless access point management via LWAPPas well as wireless intrusion detection systems WIDS and wireless intrusion prevention systems WIPS products and VoWLAN instruments.

The software itself works well. Yes we used the Ekahau Site Survey, which is also a good quality product, but they are still growing and have lots of I have been using AirMagnet for clients to do WiFi surveys.

The software is pretty much the same as it airmagneg three years ago. There should be an auto-save functionality. Wireshark vs AirMagnet Survey.

What is AirMagnet Survey?

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Paper And Forest Products. You literally just click where you are as you are walking Before purchasing the solution, request an evaluation license to test it. When I switched to AirMagnet inI also used Ekahau a little bit and at that time, Ekahau was also at the preliminary stage because wireless was not that popular.


Huawei Wireless vs AirMagnet Survey. My recommendation is for customers Senior Network Engineer at a comms service provider withemployees.

AirMagnet – Wikipedia

We sell our service and it creates another avenue for revenue. We are also using the AirMagnet site survey. It was required by our customers that we had to use Fluke AirMagnet.