The correct button varies between computers. DBAN has these errata: Does DBAN have my favorite certification? Incorrect timestamps in the dwipe. The messages are similar, I will attach them.

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The usual reasons for DBAN being slow are: You must reinstall an operating system because DBAN removes it. The place to find device driver updates.

The link points to our mirror. For alternative erasure software that has extensive hardware support, including pass-through and dismantling for RAID array. The host names are changed for security reasons. You can purchase a database of performance statistics from us to plan your consulting job.

DBAN Help Center

These devices are normally named hd n or cd n for CD-ROMswhere n is the physical unit number of the device.

For alternative wiping solutions that conform to multiple national and international third party approvals, certifications and recommendations.

I can’t interpret the SCSI driver dump messages myself to find the reason. The Microsoft Windows installation media that you are using only has ATA-5 support, which has a gigabyte limit.


The output of lsmod. All final summary lines of the log file have the same device name. The optical options control the driver’s interface to cam-optical.

DBAN Help Center – DBAN

For your information about the context I included the whole cycle messages. Comment 6 Edgar Hoch The IMA file is booted from the cdrom ac-7902 floppy disk emulation. Error messages may be produced during the initialization phase and are written to standard error. Note that certain calls such as pipeas well as read and write on FIFOs may require the pipe manager. An update has been released 2.

In a followup to his paper, Gutmann said that it is unnecessary to run those passes because you cannot be reasonably certain about how a modern hard disk stores data on the platter.

Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology. No error messages, file system should be created. Please retest with this update, as a large amount of code has been changed in this release, which may have fixed your problem.

Any change to the syslinux. Do not change the forward-slash aic-79022 to back-slash characters.


– SCSI driver problem with aic and RAID system Infotrend A16U-G

If specified, they must follow the blk keyword. Error messages, see attachments. Why does my computer start into a black screen after using DBAN? Watch for a prompt when you power-on the computer or consult the motherboard documentation. Please retest with this update, vos update this bug if necessary.

DBAN has these errata: Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Iac-7902 driver problems, there are no known defects in these stable releases: Why not now and why not by default?

Comment 5 Edgar Hoch There ddos no way to reduce wipe time and still fully wipe the media. We prefer to give DBAN support in a public forum so that the conversation is archived and other people can benefit from the outcome.