NET, Service Pack 2 is required. More Information For more information about this driver and other instrument drivers and software available from Agilent Technologies visit: These had these monolithic VIs that changed half a dozen parameters when all you wanted to do was change the voltage. Therefore, you must buy it separately. You should still look at the project-style ones as those are the preferred drivers over the LLB ones. If you plan to use the driver with.

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Could anyone please tell me where to download these things such as PID vis? I don’t know if the “project-style” ones are better in that there is a single VI to say, just change the voltage.

Qgilent you see an error about wscript. Revision History 1. It contains “Getting Started” information on using the driver in a variety of programming environments as well as documentation on IVI and driver specific methods and properties.

Install The installation package for the driver is distributed as an MSI 2.


If you use the newer driver, the examples will show up in the NI Example Finder. You can also install this driver from another installation package.

Supported Instruments Agilent EA: Most Active Hardware Boards: I need to download drivers for power supply Agilent http: You can download the latest version from: It is able to install many of the required system components, including Windows Installer 2.

Thanks for the advice!

It is also available from: The supported model numbers are: You should still look at the project-style ones as those labvieww the preferred drivers over the LLB ones.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If neither of these has it then you can just find the code that sets the parameter you want to change and make that into its own subVI. You should not have the Initialize and Close inside the loop. These should be outside the loop.

Agilent | Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

lxbview If you plan to use the driver with. These three strings are values of properties in the IIviIdentity interface.


Message 7 of See the section on installation in this document for information on what other software is required by this driver.

Known Issues This driver does not have any known defects. I have googled several websites, but still do not have a clear idea of how to implement such task.

I would also suggest using an event structure inside the loop so that you only perform the action when you actually change the front panel control’s value.

February 26, Version 1. Message 10 of Thanks forr the help agilet, and I solved the problem! I still have several questions regarding this simple implementation Message 1 of Message 2 of Message 6 of You can download the parser and its associated SDK from: However, I found out that there seems to have some lag between the time I change the voltage and corresponding reaction from power supply.