Please note that by continuing to use this site you consent to the terms of our Data Protection Policy. Did you even try the TakeOwn tutorial? I did want to try to update the bios using the dos utility, as listed in the readme: Message 3 of 8. Thanks for the advice guys and trying to help me out. Check your motherboard manual or google. Visualization Input File PortEx.

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I did it, but I have a Secure Flash error and still cannot update.

I like my Win If posts are helpful please don’t forget to rate them as “Helpful” or as “Answer”. Windows XP is The Best operating system Microsoft ever invented once they got all the bugs worked out.

ROM” but this time I get this error “Error: Nov 8, 4 0 0. I did want loqd try to update the bios using the dos utility, as listed in the readme: I thought it was the same thing you already wrote just more in-depth. Writting EC flash memory fail.


BIOS Update Process Error

Must be something screwy with afuein.exe file. Friday, March 23, Invalid EC Header Table. Press “A” to activate all flash commands and update all blocks. I see, it’s a. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Flashing Problem with Afuwin Tool

ROM is your bios Hope afuwin.ex helps. I used the Import feature of Regedit instead. Originally Posted by DarkPhoenix I have tried to change ownership in this manner and it is denied. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. I have said it before and I will say it again.

Help with AFUWIN

Unable to update aafuwin.exe for m93 to latest version “afuwin. Visualization Input File PortEx. Store DMI Data error. Remember the path it puts in or give it a path you can Windows Explore to.

May 6, 11, 11, My Digital Life Forums. I cannot get the usb version to even copy to a usb drive so I thought I would try this.

I have this question too. I feel that there is less chance of a bad flash when doing it from boot and that you are having a problem with this as now, that would only reinforce my preference of method. Lenovo is also including a 64 bit version of that file too starting with the M series. Alternatively you yo run Explorer elevated type “explorer.


Unable to update bios for m93 to latest version ” has stopped working” – Lenovo Community

Those shouldn’t really affect teh BIOS update process, though, right? Posted on September 9, July 7, by Jonathan Mergy.

Office Office Exchange Server. Afuwin is to run in windows command line, this info is in readme text file For afuwingui there is nothing to say I thing becouse its clear “gui” grafical user interface I know so. DevicePath Unicode based on Runtime Data afuwin.