Apr 11, Posts: JohnMcboy Ars Praetorian Tribus: Mon Sep 09, 5: So, I’m a bit confused here. Here’s what’s going on Mon Sep 09,

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Some of the holes have components right up to the edge, and on the reverse of the board the tracks on the PCB also approach the side of the holes.

It also has the mounting holes, and clearance around the socket is fine for the larger heatsinks, but the positioning of the components around the holes is terrible. There is also a temperature sensor located inside the socket which is where most motherboard monitor software gets its CPU temperature readings.

Apr 11, Posts: By reading this site you agree kd7 our cookie policy. The IDE connectors are well placed at the edge of the board, meaning you don’t need to drape IDE cables all over the place.

Abit KX7-333R & Athlon XP 2200+ Problems (Help!)

I was trying to put it all together and make it work, but after about 8 hours of fiddling I’ve determined either the mainboard or the CPU is faulty. First was the difficulty in fitting the Alpha due to the close proximity of the components to the mounting holes, as described above. Originally posted by ttimoney: Oct 30, Posts: I eventually got the board up and running and installed Windows using a spare Duron It looks to be something to do with the FSB of the chip its not broken, its jsut not been set rightit should be at Mhz, but it is at Mhz.


According the the group the later boards, revision 1. Not a major complaint, but something to watch out for when fitting the board. Installation of the board was a nightmare.

Originally posted by Al: What do y’all think? Infact the only complaint about the layout is a minor one – the floppy connector is at the very bottom of the board when it could have done with being in the middle, given that most floppy drives are mounted in that area.

Installation was a breeze.

Thanks in advance, Chris. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.

Abit KX7-333 / KX7-333R BIOS B6

I would still check that aibt to be sure. May 20, Posts: Sep 9, Posts: Aug 10, Posts: I’m doing this with a minimal setup, board, cpu, memory and video card only When I first power up the machine and it has a clear CMOS everthing is happy.

The Alpha went on perfectly, the board was screwed into the case fine, and everything worked first time. I will have to disconnect ix7 power source for several seconds and then power up.


Mon Sep 09, 6: Took everything apart to check for shorting – there was none. If that’s the case, I’m abig prepared to do anything like that just yet.

Review: ABIT KXRAID v ABIT KD7-RAID – Mainboard – – Page 3

Something others and I have found with the board though is that the system temperature probe is very inaccurate. Click to find out more.

I assume doing that voids the warranty? After powering down the system Which had worked fine for an hour beforehand to have a break, I powered it back on again only to have a blue flash from the back of my trusty Had lasted a year fine W PSU — completely dead.