Some Help Please Your time is greatly appreciated! If you’re looking for an audio card for your computer, forget SoundBlaster – go Aardvark! Thanks for a further confirmation. Given its pro-quality sound, ease-of-use, portability, steel-case construction, and built-in monitoring, the USB3 is an ideal solution not just for home-studio tracking but also for field recording of music, voice, or sound effects. We’re pretty dead this October. Anyone seen that one or have a solution?

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There are no other sound cards installed. Sounds like a different problem, but I haven’t actually gone and looked under services when my problem happens.

Restart the service; this should do it. Does this mean that Aardvark is actually not out of business? In the years I’ve been working around recording studios, I’ve come to appreciate gear that doesn’t just 22496 good but also solid, reliable, and – perhaps most importantly – has value. I have the 7.

Aardvark Computer Recording under $

Then if I reboot usually everything is fine. This is a beautiful piece of work – it not only handles the basics like azrdvark routing and buffer settings, it’s also a ten-channel mixer that’s every bit as powerful as a hardware mixer – and then some!


Are there no WDM drivers for this thing? Back when Aardvark was in business and updating drivers regularly, they were top-notch!

AArdvark Direct pro 24/96 sonar 7

Think outside the box as you mix within! Music Machines – Artists – Producers Highlights: Essentials Only Full Version. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Half the inputs don’t work correctly in ASIO mode. WDM and ASIO would cause the exact error reports and even if I got it working on those drivers the next time I fired it up I would not start the audio engine and would either show the aark as not there or in use with another program.

Also – does this happen in ALL projects or just some? Anyone seen that one or have a solution?

User Control Panel Log out. I actually can’t say this is a Sonar problem. No ASIO in 1.

AArdvark Direct pro 24/96 sonar 7 | Cakewalk Forums

Can any one help answer why it doesn’t work? In fact, when you combine the great sound of the pre-amps with patching and DSP power of the Control Panel interface, you may find yourself wanting to trade your compact hardware mixer for a new microphone!

The system’s 6 outputs are for surround sound mixing. If I recall, various versions performed quite differently in regards to stability 246 on the machine.


You can choose between simply monitoring the effects while recording “dry” to multitrack software, or you may record the DSP effects by hitting the REC FX button. After a crash of Sonar, Sonar reported that you have not chosen a midi input or output.

Seems to be a common issue with these beasties when running multiple cards Aarvark newer machine is hooked up to an RME Fireface. A 44mm fader controls the output level. I understand that perhaps the 7. Norton’s Ghost program is wonderful for such things. My primary reason for going m-audio whose driver support kicks-ass by the way.

This control panel comes in 4 colors that you can change as often as you’d like. I’d take this a step further and put your drives in removable trays, and also ghost to a second hard drive so if you encounter problems with the OS drive dying, you can just swap out drives and continue.

Direct-pro on one even older.