Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. All of these should ideally go right into the squashfs image. I would like to use MythTV frontend systems that have no local storage. The system-config-netboot package provides the scripts necessary to create a diskless configuration. There are several reasons why you’d want diskless frontends: See full activity log.

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To correct this the diskless nvdia was changed to more standard frontend only configuration. These options provide a fixed IP to the diskless client based on the mac address.

Can you take a picture of the screen with a camera? I am running the standard drivers. If you encounter any problems or if you have trouble understanding the documentation, please post here so we can get it fixed! See full activity log. This guide has been written this way so you can slowly work through the process of getting your client installed. I’ve tried installing different versions of Mythbuntu 32bit Add this to the bottom of the “Screen” section.

Chroot is type of isolated environment. It may take tries of booting to get your RC’s straightened out to let you through to a login.


Sadly in the attempted configuration it seemed this just wasn’t going to work. No such file or directory”.

Bug # “nvidia driver not an option in diskless MCC” : Bugs : Mythbuntu

Later we will setup diekless ID to auto-login. Anyway, with these things in place, the restricted driver manager is able to build the ngidia kernel module and use the binary nvidia glx driver.

Anything you do here will be done for all frontends that boot via the network. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. It requires the installation of the busybox and busybox-anaconda packages.

Once the system is booted, there may be various tweaks and settings the need to be modified. Keep in mind that mythtv- backend isn’t automatically installed, though.

You can use the stock Fedora or Red Hat kernels. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The siskless root filesystem is mounted read only to provide sharing between multiple systems. How do I set them up to boot from a network drive mythbuntu-diskless?


First of all, the image needs to include the nvidia- kernel- source package for the driver you want to use. You also need dkms installed, together with its prerequisites.

A Compiz bug that was reported here:.

Mythbuntu Diskless Nvidia Driver | softblaclum

These instructions are valid for MythTV 0. This is the title of your first post.

One part has commands to install a bit client, the mythguntu part has commands to install a bit client. This is mostly likely a hard disk installation on the hardware you will be booting from.

Diskless Backend

On your LTSP server upgrade mythtv as “normal”. Nvidua configuration gives the option to use both pxegrub AND pxelinux, whichever one your box picks up first. This has the effect of:. How do I set up network boot in Mythbuntu? Runs both mythbackend and mythfrontend but uses MySQL database on server.