However, its illumination could not totally convince. Therefore, you should take special care that other objects, e. The GX comes with a high-capacity battery, so it projects from the case. Still, the keyboard gives in its centre and some areas clatter. This article will be published in the nearest future.

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Except of the metabook side, all parts have a high-gloss surface. Click for a larger image. If you demand more power, you can switch to turbo mode by pressing a button located right above the keyboard.

I’ve noted drawbacks of this solution many times. The plastic case is relatively resistant against pressure. BioShock Infinite and Metro: All indicators of the GX are located on the front edge of the keyboard panel.

MSI Megabook GX600

And finally, the notebook comes with a good bundle: In my opinion, these keys are not arranged optimally. Red patterns around the logo draw attention to it and make the notebook look more aggressive.

It gives already under light pressure and protects the sensible LCD only a little bit. Secondly, notebooks are traditionally equipped with compact, less efficient cooling systems, so operating conditions are not very favorable even in the standard mode.


The notebook will cope with any modern mebabook, including mathematical calculations for students.

Some of the keys had to shrink in this area, because of lack of space. The quality of the lid is typical for this notebook category. The runtime is a little more than 2 hoursif operated this way. The upper part of the display frame contains a 1. The hinges appear to be too small Despite the somewhat more decent look, the target group is apparent. megabok

The ratings of MSI laptops are above average in the tests as of Note that the keys in the bottom row are narrower than in two upper megabookk. And finally, the GX is relatively inexpensive for all its advantages—it will also be appreciated by students in the first place. That is except of the bottom side. Our notebook was equipped with a 2.

The difference is even bigger at the bottom side. The official product information is available here. On the whole, the keyboard produces a mixed impression. The notebook has a number of ergonomic limitations, it’s a compromise: It offers an excellent bundle, you won’t have to buy anything.


Now we will look at games in practice.

MSI MegaBook GX (MSA) – System & Video BIOS – LaptopVideo2Go Forums

MSI does not specify components, which are frequently changed processor, memory, etc. The overclock mode also raises rotational speed of the cooling system. This is a question that is probably best left to mssi colleagues over at GameAxis for an in-depth discussion, but an unmistakable trend is that computer and video games have gone mainstream now.

This is about one third less. However, it’s too wide, so your left palm accidentally touches its surface and moves the cursor. But you’d better use another display, if you work with graphics and watch high-quality movies.

Secondly, typical gaming components—a fast processor and graphics system.