Is there a special cable just for Modem use. Here is a link to the modem drivers i used. Take it to Verizon and they should give you a new phone. When i first got my phone verizon lg env touch usb plugged it in, and wanted to install Drivers. They said it was Unrecognized or Unregistered i can’t remember which one.

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Using enV Touch as a modem?

You have to plug your phone in to the same usb port that you used when you installed the modem drivers, when you go to dial up. November edited November Anyway they gave me a new phone and the drivers installed correctly and everything worked with the new phone. It works very well too.

So if your not on the firmware version 07 then try to upgrade if your unable to then you have the same problem that i had. Step by step instructions: Log in or Sign up. Your name or email address: A side effect of having an integrated OS is that it acts more like the PCs we are familiar with, doing things like opening email attachments, for example, and being able to directly browse the file system.


July edited July Same battery problem here. Can someone figure out how to hack the ringback tones? Use your enV Touch as a flashlight: If I try to go back to the main page and select properties, it hangs again.

ErRoR7Jan 14, This unit has been thoroughly inspected, repaired and tested by midem in-house, factory-trained technicians. Can you post it somewhere from where I can just download it?

The toucb that you can’t open a doc without having it saved on your phone 1st, is one of them. Mobile Phone Verizon LG. December edited December Hack’ VZ Navigator and other subscription Apps: I ysb get out the phone.

This should set it up for you and you can now use your phone as a modem. LSX7mikeJan 15, I plug the cable back in and it updates and says everything is installed.

I’d like to clarify that a smartphone is basically a phone with an integrated GUI-based operating system, like windows mobile, or the iPhone’s OS, or the Blackberry OS. This item may or may not be in original packaging.


I don’t see huge need for touch screen at the cost of killing eenv battery That would be great. He also said when it shut off keep turning it on and off until it cant turn on anymore I go to the modem morem under control panel and its listed but if I select it and try to open properties, it hangs the computer.

Using enV Touch as a modem?

Here is a link to the modem drivers i used. So right now I set the phone to media sync mode, then drop the connection so the phone stays charging and connect to the serial modem via bluetooth. It won’t finish installing until I actually pull the USB cable out.

I read the posts above, and I must say, I do remember you from the vx pages, I guess we know which phone company is worth sticking with.