The previously used embedded certificate can no longer be used with Java 1. This is necessary for the above variables to take effect. On a machine without eDirectory 8. See the Tomcat documentation for more details: CEF Audit captures data about the following events: You can quickly determine if you have NICI 1. Log in to iManager.

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Edit the following entries: Threshold Specifies the minimum log level allowed in the Syslog appender.

Enabling CEF Auditing in iManager – NetIQ iManager Administration Guide

This may be a problem if iManager is installed before eDirectory. The following roles will assign ijanager rights to the container specified in the scope to the user:.

After running the iManager Configuration Wizard on a NetWare 6 server that has been upgraded to SP2, the objects for the following roles and their associated tasks have been created, but they have not been assigned to the creator of the collection:. In this situation, you will need to assign members to these roles in order to use them.

If a port conflict is detected when running ndsconfig, enter a new port above CEF Audit captures data about the following events:. Also, the Scope textfield will be hidden from view as it is for a Self-Management role.


You can customize the File value in either of the following platforms:. The default location of the log file for a File appender. Currently, USER facility is supported.

The updated files can be found on the respective product’s patch page. Bug – LDAP plugin: The new Port assignments should be set.

Novell iManager 1.5.1 Readme

You can quickly determine if you have NICI 1. Both this patch as well as eDirectory 8. The user should not get the Null Pointer Exception. This is the expected behavior of the application. For information about the conversion patterns and their descriptions, see logging. Plugins with special characters in the id does not work after upgrade to iManager 2.

These values may be specified as upper or lower case characters. This also might cause two versions of Apache to run as well.

Novell is a registered trademark of Novell, Inc. Most administration operations on NetWare 4. When using different versions of iManager in the same browser you may need to clear the browser cache.


(For Customer)iManager NetEco Product Documentation(VRC60_05)(PDF)_EN – Huawei

If a predefined role, such as eDirectory Administration, Group Management, etc. If, for instance, the iPrint role is assigned to a user and the scope is set at the top of the tree, the user that was assigned to that role will have supervisor rights to the entire tree. For UNIX platforms, Novell does not allow the use of any port other than the designated ones below Start Tomcat and Apache after the limber process has run.

To resolve this issue, install JVM 1. PatternLayout Layout setting for File appender.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco 6000 Product Documentation(V600R007C60_05)(PDF)_EN

Click the Limber button to start the Limber process. When Tomcat is starting, you should see in the imanzger window that Novell JClient is found.

On a machine without eDirectory 8. There will be a line that looks something like this: