They list the i or ion for desktops but nowhere on their site have I been able to find any drivers related solely to nforce m or any other “m” series chipset for that matter. The stored exception information can be accessed via. I have had this issue over a month now and firmly believe it is related to nvidia, USB peripherals, regardless of the type and it just happens I’m now realizing that fact. Please also mention whether or not you have applied the truncatememory workaround listed above. It starts copying than everything freezes.

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SCSI Adapter – HighPoint – HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller Computer Driver Updates

After this 77 Windows Search 4. Also I confirm the problem with large files copying. Most of computer programs come with an uninstaller when they are installed on the computer. I’m logging off and heading to bed for the night, so no rush for this one: I have reason to believe Malware is involved.

I’ll try to get more data to share windowx week. Install it, start it up, and try the copy process again. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Resolved – BSOD – hptsys | WindowsBBS

And I really am interested in getting this solved. Windowss take the following steps carefully. Didn’t even have to truncate, and my experience score went up A BIT! I’m really starting to wonder if the 64 bit architecture is more of a hindrance. Now the question is, how can we establish a “correct” limit to this issue without having to sacrifice significant memory. And for the second question, yes I have a nforce m chipset, and I tried to tell HP, but in npt374 forum they barely picked this issue up, I really hope the new drivers coming up on october 22nd help in this issue.


You can understand why I’m very eager to have a fix. If you want to get more info about the crashing driver, please provide the additional info I asked for in that thread. windowa

There are numerous drivers installed with a “chipset driver” package, so there’s not any one driver you can look at and identify which package you have.

Most of the time, all files of a program cannot be completely uninstalled and removed from the computer. I hppt374 NOT have any problems with freezes. I notified HP from this issue today too, because I think it’s very annoying and relevant to search for a solution to this issue, since it’s enough motive for me at least to return to vista which I really don’t like but at least this problem never ocurred there 5.

HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller Drivers

In Windows 10 system, right click on the Startand click Programs and Features. Error messages appear on your computer.


You shouldn’t worry about installing the chipset drivers, especially for something that’s been around for several years. Hph374 let me know which forum you want me to add it to. At least most of the time. What functionality are you currently missing?

DriverMax – SCSI Adapter – HighPoint – HPT UDMA/ATA RAID Controller Computer Driver Updates

The updated solution worked for me. Click Start button and click All Programs. Searching for compatible ID s: Can you also post the output of msinfo32 to a message here? I am also eagerly anticipating a solution to this problem. The only thing I can do when my system gets slow is to try and wait a lot of time to remove my hard drive from my notebook carefully so I don’t lose any data and then restarting it.

SSnake, Just out of curiosity, were you using a usb wireless adapter while trying to transfer these files? When having my machine write out memory dumps are there any special steps I need to do? Check out these links: