Both scanning and printing work. They need tested on a currently supported version of Ubuntu. Sorry, forgot t o post back! C series Printing works perfectly with usb, scanner works too with hpaio. Works out of the box, both with a direct connection and as a network printer. Recommended PostScript driver did not work, but the hpijs driver worked perfectly.

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If, contrary to my expectation, your C isn’t recognized, then consider installing a newer version deskjft hplip. I believe most of installation process was a success which I was able to go out to the Internet using wired connectivity after some research on Google and was able to do a print test on my HP Deskjet c printer.

Both printing and scanning work, even over a network with printer connected directly to network. Printer with direct ethernet connection in university environment. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Power-cycling the printer is necessary to restore printer operation. The print quality is poor with the default driver.


Tested in several apps and everything looks ok. I have not printed much yet. Don’t choose Laser Jet 4M when installing the printer.

Bug#818706: hplip: HP DeskJet 840C – cannot print in greyscale

For setting the defaults system-wide, use the CUPS web interface http: Use “gs-gpl” instead of “gs-esp”; 2. Have to choose it from the gp in Gnome printer install.

USB auto-detection and set-up worked right out of the box. Deskkjet “Bits per Plane” to “2 Bits per Plane”. Printer detection offered 2 printers: Lucid and Maverick recommend the hpijs driver during setup, Natty the hpcups, but both seem to work well.

Desk Jet F All in One. Instead choose the Laser Jet 4, which brings up the working hpijs driver. No ink levels available. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

The job might be a lot easier than you think. See instructions at PhotoSmart Recommended PostScript driver did not work, but the hpijs driver worked perfectly.

Prints over network via JetDirect. Printing is plug-n-play, I need hplip for scanning and copying. Both scanning and printing work on 6.


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Wireless printing and scanning work, No access to card reader on machine though. However the color printed was a mismatch. Please state the blindingly obvious ie. Drivers available, Plugged in USB and ddeskjet right away. If you’d still like to learn about how to open a terminal and perform actions in it, there’s documentation about that. I hope your “learning experience” is that Linux is often not nearly as hard as some folks want you to believe! There are 2 entries for this model–it recommended the Postscript driver, I changed it to hpijs.

Thanks for the hope! There was no mismatched color issue when printing out using these Windows machines.