Hi bought this driver the first week of march owned it for less than a month and the face caved in toward the toe. Feel at impact is very satisfying, can really feel the ball compressing on the clubface. Just send the mods a message and we’ll approve it as soon as we can. Sometime during my 3rd round with the club, I started making better swings, and the club really came to life. I care more about hitting — and feeling — good golf shots than my score at the end of the day. After discussion with he fitter, I went for the Blue.

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Using the 11 degree with the tour spec stiff shaft, great combo. I actually took my 5 iron in to the store to compare with the i15 in the indoor range and that difference was unbelievable.

Well see my comment above after a round I think the 8 degree was just giving me too low of a launch angle and I traded it back in for the 9. Now that I have both improved my swing, both technically and in tempo and because I have better understanding of my swing, I think I am ready to go back to the game improvement irons.

I play off a 3 handicap and have only had the Pings for a few months — so I hope to get them dialed in soon. Ball flight withe the i15 is lower than with my Titleist Voodoo shaftbut overall distance was slightly longer. The i15 is a fantastic driver! Would like your input please. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Worked out very well.


Trajectory is low to mid, but the ball just jumps off the face on good swings. Tips on how to post one. Write a course review.

Reshaft Ping irons? |

No matter how good the contact, the i15s never felt as good as a svelte muscleback struck on the button, but only the worst mis-hits relay a noticeably different feel to your hands. I also know a O15 sales rep where I live who about years ago provided a local club pro a man with a set of Callaway Big Bertha super game improvement irons, which he used to win a high level regional tournament.

Hoael had met me at a course here in Columbus, and before our round we were experimenting with the i Distance off center on each type was within 20 yards off center. Also, the lie and loft options with the pings were better.

Leon was equally impressed, particularly with the stunning black PVD finish on the head. He’s buying a new driver anyways, so this would just be to whack a couple times at the lake and if the head flies off without hurting anyone he’d probably just chuck it in the garbage for someone else to tinker with.

Hhosel Hill, TN Country: I have the Ping AWT stiff shaft, green dot. I also use the Pro V1x.

Tip Size of Ping I15 Irons

South Central Wisconsin Country: I have yet to play with them, but on testing them, I found them to be the most playable and affordable of the Ping line. Not too keen on the really wide sole of the G Nothing against the guys in the shop, but the Ping guys fit players every day. SiberianDVMJun 21, I will say that I found that the PING i15s tended to have as much as or more offset, particularly in the longer irons, than many of their peers.


Distances were a little better maybe yds than with my MP57s, but the consistency was far superior. The hosel is 1. Apps for your Phone. This leads to less spin and a slight fade bias — not something a higher handicapper is generally looking for!

I missed 3 fairways, just. On off-center contact, the i15 sounds fairly similar to my old G5. I am looking desperately for a driver to help with my hook. Both David and John were astounded by the soft but powerful feel out the middle of the club and, ultimately, this was what converted them to liking a driver that is probably above their level of ability.