The field name in the dialog is Extra Settings. For example, if the modem supports “Wait for bongtone”, but uses ‘! See this doc for how it all gets started, and what makes TalkingCallerID do it’s thing: INF file is important. INF files, and all seems to be related to voice.

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CallSetupFailTimeout Specifies the maximum value allowed for the call setup timer. If the modem does not detect a carrier within the specified time, the modem hangs up.

Send comments about this topic to Microsoft. The user can define a custom Init command string in Control Panel that is issued after Mode completes its dynamic initialization.

For more information, see InactivityTimeout. INF file, so it got placed in the registry by the ‘new hardware’ installer. See this doc for how it all gets started, and what makes TalkingCallerID do it’s thing: For more information, see the corresponding entries described in SpeakerVolume.

If that tab is not there, someone dosn’t have the right REG key entry, or doesn’t have one at all: For example, if the modem supports “Wait for bongtone”, but uses ‘! We find out now how LAZY developers leave good theory in the garbage with poor execution no offense to you.


For more information about using ProCalc to create this entry, see Data Profile. The following instructions explain how to fix the modem driver and re-install it. Do not put any settings in the Init string that restrict these capabilities.

Specifies the maximum data transmission speed, in bits per second, that is supported between the modem and the computer. It is a long section INF to match them! This setting is found in the modem program in Control Panel under the advanced modem properties tab. To fix this, we will modify your modem movem. The inactivity time-out is the allowed period of time after which an inactive modem times out and hangs up.

The bit values are defined as follows:. An example on how to modify your modem driver file to recognize caller id. First, follow the steps outlined to obtain your modem’s call log for an incoming call. You can either fix the modem driver, and re-install it, or you can directly edit the list of known responses in the Windows registry. Use the Init entry modme specify the AT commands that are sent to initialize a modem.


Again, starting a modem log should help a great deal.

Fix Driver Manually

However, either verbose or numeric responses are acceptable. Fix Driver Manually If your modem is receiving caller ID information as determined by using either the modem log or Putty testsbut Audio Caller ID is not reporting caller ID information, then your modem driver is the problem.

Add the midem lines to the [MfgAddReg] section of the. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

How to modify your modem driver file.

Anywhere in this area of the file add the following lines:. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. See the table below. If they are not the same for a given modem, these settings cannot be used at all.