Online Courses Online Training Library. For IFR get the jepp update, only need one adapter, the GNS series don’t know the difference between cards from box to box. Post by abripl Take a look at this link http: Can the Garmin Card Programmer download onto the latest orange 16mb navdata card? Instead of going to the airport to pull the cards, then going home to program, then back to the airport, why not have an extra card to swap between?

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You plug the Skybound into your computer’s USB port, drag the new data file to the Skybound device [which you will see on the left side of the program window, on a Mac Oct 24, Messages: Seems like a lot of hassle when I can get the full package from one skybohnd with one adapter.

Plano PilotMay 22, Post by Roy Page If I was correct, then the only cost to Jeppesen is the cost of the software to automatically reformat the nav data and a run for each new cycle.

W Updates – Need Two Adapters? | Pilots of America

Jan 15, Messages: Get answers for questions about our Jeppesen Distribution Manager. From what I’ve read the Jeppesen is a great navigation sskybound and currently they are running a special if I get the full U.


Call Jepp and ask their price, you might be pleasantly surprised. Enter your e-mail to sign up for news, product updates and specials!

That means I will need to purchase the Garmin adapter in addition to the Jeppesen adapter AND purchase an update from Garmin for those tarmin. This product is bundled as an initial manual or software and an additional subscription service that will update with revisions and will be sent to you after these revisions take place. Your name or email address: Looks like the same prices to me, I just checked again. I have not found any competitive pressure on the price for a nav data subscription after Garmin entered that market.

Delivery Method Shippable Product. So if you’re VFR and its with in 5 years or so, no worries. One of the only times Windows out performed a MAC.

Jeppesen New Skybound G2 USB Datawriter – for Garmin Avionics only

N53KLMay 20, First post, first plane I don’t fly enough IFR to require a current database year round and I’d like to just update it during certain times during the year.


Need more than one of the same coverage? Purchase your Avionics subscriptions today. See our privacy policy for more information. If you need to purchase more than one of the same coverages, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Feb 29, Messages: Do you already garmon an account?

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Enter your e-mail to sign up for news, product updates and specials! Hi Mike, If you are going to get the databases only skybouns Garmin you need the Garmin card reader. N53KLMay 19, Why don’t they have a one time deal like garmin does on their webpage? Aaron Coolidge Closed North and South America: Get help from a live consultant.

So don’t bother with terrian, MTs don’t move and towers are nearly well marked enough to be of real use. It’s just nav data.

The update will begin loading onto the GPS once you turn on the