Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The company did a great job pushing free headsets out to bloggers who would give it the thumbs up without realizing there is no support. Note they take a little while to ship, about two weeks to the US. Get one at a local store, where returning is not a big headache. It is a great headset if it works.

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Billbo – What kind of technical problems were you having?

This also allows the headset to be used in corded mode — useful if you find the battery is flat. I made some test Skype calls and the audio quality was excellent. I also connected my iPhone using the 3.

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The physical headset itself comprises a unidirectional microphone to reduce background noise along with neodymium speakers supporting 20 Hz to 20 KHz stereo audio. It still doesn’t work.

Latest Popular Comments Tags. I would NOT recommend it. It’s really a great headset. They provide very little bass response and I would not describe the audio output as “rich” one bit. The Everyman is easily adjustable to fit even my unusually large dome, so you should have no problem getting comfortable with it.


Review: FREETALK Everyman USB Headset –

Also if you fill in the form on the Contact Us page a customer service rep will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. A more complete statement will follow shortly. The quality of everyman hd camera was also good. Billbo Report your issue to. It comes in a neat carry case and to install just stick the USB adaptor into a spare port and the drivers immediately install. Conclusions Overall, if you’re looking for a headset that is cheap, comfortable, well-made, and virtually guaranteed to provide a great experience with Skype, the FREETALK Everyman is an excellent choice.

Not only Earth-conscious, but hassle-free as well.

Comments Peter, thanks for your review. Time consuming, and you will have to pay for the shipping label. Better, but far from good. Just plug it in, charge the headset, evreyman the headset as shown in the instructions and Skype automatically recognizes it. Returning it is a BIG hassle. It sounds like it was raining!

First Look: FREETALK Wireless USB Headset for Skype | The Really Mobile Project

This site uses cookies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Volume and input buttons acting up. If they are going to market to us dimwits beyond the techno crowd, then they need to do evsryman better job of it. On several outgoing calls SkypeOut my call recipients reported excellent audio quality, far better than my previous headset.


It folds up quite nicely into a neat, flat little space that I’m betting will make it easy to travel with. Had mine for months.

Review of FREETALK Everyman Skype USB Headset

Notify me of new comments via email. Music is a different story, however.

When the USB connector is. Several bloggers and columnists are currently reviewing the FREETALK Everyman; links to their posts will be incorporated into a forthcoming post summarizing the feedback as they become available.

You will find the instructions on the freetalk.