Use as a Browser. View the discussion thread. The VFX has 21 voices of polyphony. Any Instrument can be given metadata tags, and searched upon using those tags. A disk originally shipped with the VFX-SD full of pre-sequenced drum patterns to get you going or inspired! Accessories and Parts from Syntaur. Sequencing, effects and automation using the RS

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Roland comes close by providing a direct monitor output on their keyboards, and programming software that shows exactly what is loaded into the machine. Click on a Wavesample, you get the Wavesample screen, allowing you to edit any of the Wavesample parameters. Polyphony – 8 voices dynamic voice allocation.

I removed all the keys, The VFX is a digital synth, and its filter is pretty weak but the VFX makes some sweet strings and textural sounds but it won’t be very handy for any ” meaty drum and bass sounds.

Multiple databases are supported.

Functions fine except for one dead key the Mido in the octave above middle C. The VFX has a cartridge port as well, for storing sounds onto Ensoniq’s proprietary media. Polyphony – 21 voices.


Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools™

I removed all the keys, Merge Instruments using the Object Merger. I’m going to swap out my cart reader with one from ebay. There are 40 preset sounds which are the usual not-so-great sounds. The screw was missing.

Wavetable has waveforms multi-sampled acoustic instruments, sustained waveforms, harmonic and inharmonic ensniq.

Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools : Basic Concepts

Several soft buttons are intermittently non-functional, Its unique bit sampler is highly versatile with multiple sample rates to choose from 6. But immediately, you can hear the wavedata with the sound card while you edit it in the sample editor. Manual Download the original owner’s manual from SoundProgramming. I have a SyQuest SyJet 1. In a perfect world, a keyboard manufacturer would make their musical instrument quickly accessible to the best user interface possible.

Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools is an easy program to use; however, there are two special concepts that are important to keep in mind.

This was a good thing since the VFX was plagued by bugs during its early years and there were several subsequent OS versions released by Ensoniq, the most recent of which can still be downloaded. Use as a Browser.

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. There are plenty of right-click menus and drag-drop abilities for the most viable power user. Luckily the VFD display screen is large enough to make editing the sounds somewhat pleasant. Variable sample rates from 52kHz to 6.


Continue double-clicking the other instrument buttons to layer all 8 instruments! But will I have trouble with this?

Products : Ensoniq MIDI-Disk Tools : Overview

With the EPS in Load mode by first selecting an instrument and then double clicking another instrument both will be played together. Anyone in search of an alternative middi should consider the ESQ Main Features Use as a Browser. The ESQ-M pictured above is a rack-mount version released in which is identical to the ESQ-1 except that it excludes the on-board sequencer option.

Like ribbon cable length issues etc. In fact, for a digital synth the ESQ-1 has many good old analog-synth features such as a ring modulator, sequencer, and oscillator-sync.