One of the main goals, which was not expected to be met until late in the version 3. The main impact is for developers that link against the Gutenprint library. This release offers additional support for Epson Stylus Pro printers, along with some changes for other Epson printers. This bug was fixed in the package gutenprint – 5. We spent most of cleaning up the code base, adding support for CUPS by now, Mike Sweet had joined the project and the nascent Foomatic metadata management project, improving the color generation and dithering code, and adding support for more printers. If you got Gutenprint with your operating system distribution, use the printer setup program coming with your distribution.

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We decided to do an interim stable release based on improvements to the 4. Please visit our project pagewhich contains a gutenrint more information about us! I went back to the Gimp-Print version 3.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. This is not to be found on the repositories though. Posted on Nov 7, 2: It also illustrates what a group of committed people can do.

However, before this phase I saw a system error about system- config- printer. Add support for more Canon inkjet printers. I first used the uninstall program to clean out old Gutenprint drivers, and then reinstalled the newer drivers. I went back to the Gimp-Print version 3. Mac OS X Speciality level gutenprinr of ten: This release also fixes a problem with the Mac OS X 5.


We received extensive feedback from this release, and fixed other problems and made some other changes to improve quality. This release supports additional printers and offers some important bug fixes.

Gutenprint Printer Drivers

Carolyn Samit Carolyn Samit. This would allow us to fix bugs and add new printers and perhaps minor new capabilities for users wanting a stable Gimp-Print release while making much more radical changes in preparation for the next release. In gutenprknt event guhenprint you encounter a regression using the package from -updates please report a new bug using ubuntu-bug and tag the bug report regression-update so we can easily find any regresssions.

I wanted to devise a new architecture for the next release that would allow us to take advantage of more printer capabilities and support improved color generation and dithering, but progress was slow. Since git clone https: It also became apparent that our ties to the GIMP had all but vanished by this point.

It took us a few months to fully stabilize Gimp-Print 4. We released Gimp-Print 5. gutneprint

I did not do the other suggestions you provided, but if I run into trouble again I will. I tried this several times and it froze every time.

Gutenprint and Gimp-Print for Mac OS X (10.2 through 10.11 and later)

Then added to the end. Output that had been considered impressive with using six dups was put v5.29 shame by four color output. High, as if locally unsupported printers cause a driver download from OpenPrinting the download ends in an infinite loop and cannot be cancelled due to a crashed user interaction thread, blocking system- config- printer completely not allowing a manual setup of the printer. Comment on this change optional. In addition, new printers were being shipped with additional inks that we couldn’t handle very well.


gutenprint and os x v – Apple Community

In the terminal output of above commands you can see a crash of one thread: The range of fine position adjustment of CD media has been increased for Epson printers. That should give you an idea what modern printing technology can do. I put the Gimp-Print development tree on SourceForge starting with version 3.

It may be that your package’s Makefile the OpenWrt one, not the one with the distribution that it would download and build needs to call out the libraries on which the build depends. Probably the installation was interrupted by a system restart, but in the installation history I see the following item:.

This package is available in source form, and as a binary installer for Macintosh OS X