I saved mine to C: Note that in this example, I left the username as “usr” and the password as “pwd”. Administering a Cloudscape database is therefore easier than administering DB2 or other enterprise databases. My experience was different using embedded Cloudscape. Derby provides persistence of data by storing data in disk files.

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When you create a database, Cloudscape creates a directory that includes a lock file, service properties files, a subdirectory log for transaction logs, a subdirectory tmp ccloudscape working storage, and a subdirectory seg0 for data files. IBM removed this feature for Version 10 because the implementation of user-defined types did not adhere to part 13 of the SQL Standard.

Figure 3 is the DB Output window after a document had been loaded into the database. To that end, you’ll create two simple tables, with one field each. Attempting to connect to a database threw an exception when there was an open ij session ij is a Cloudscape utility that lets SQL scripts be executed against JDBC databases with an active connection to that database.

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

A Derby engine can manage one or more database files, but each database file can only be accessed by a single Derby engine. SQL developers use Data Definition Language commands to create tables, views, triggers, and procedures, and specify keys and indexes. Whether or not it is embedded, the database engine supports multiple simultaneous connections and access from multiple application threads.


What irks me is that if this was about 4 years ago, there would be a solution.

Easysoft ODBC-JDBC Gateway Knowledge Base Articles

Download Cloudscape Version Create the dbtest Database The primary purpose of this walkthrough is to prove that you’re connected to the database and can read it. The database must be located in derby.

Test Your Script Open up a browser and navigate to your localhost directory where you put the test script. Now, create the two tables that will be used in the demo, Races and Classes: Sorry clkudscape don’t find that answer helpful.

Type the following three commands to set your environment variables. Regardless of which option you select, only one cloidscape can be installed on a single host. No data exists in clear-text form in the database files. Your main clue that you’re in the right directory will be the presence of the derby.

The first time I used the Connection Wizard to connect to the example database clouxscapethere was an error message.

Windows installation is covered in “Chapter 6. The cslook utility lets you examine database objects such as indexes, keys, and views.

Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Cloudscape includes several utilities that operate with a command-line interface and batch files. If you’ve written programs for Cloudscape 10 and are porting them to work with Derby, you’ll have to update the code because of name changes. A Java stored procedure that looks up the name of a city given a ZIP code might look like this again, code for handling errors and exceptions is omitted for brevity:.


Cloudscape and ODBC

Download Cloudscape, the small-footprint database, based on the open-source Apache Derby, for developers building Windows, Java and Linux applications. Why do I get a license error stating the application was unable to create a semaphore when attempting to connect an ODBC compliant application to my Easysoft application?

Of course, the installation process will be much different for Linux gurus using Zend Core. This command has many, many variations in syntax, but the version I’ll use here is:.

Cloudscape and ODBC

If the stored procedure includes any OUT parameters, it needs to be invoked from a client application using the CallableStatement interface. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

In addition, the Java methods run with a Java 2 security manager and will only have permissions defined by the policy file. How do I restart the licensing procedure after I have quit the install? Subscribe me to comment notifications. Lower isolation levels permit greater concurrency of access to data such as when you have multiple readers and infrequent updates.

For example, mobile databases on notebook computers can be stolen if the notebook computer is stolen.