I don’t actually know if it’s a hardware problem screen not supported , or a driver problem. VDH it is, lspci lists:. Yes, including running git bisection searches GraphicsCard: Join Date Mar Beans 1. If I start the hdmi-daemons nothing happens.

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Status changed to Confirmed. May 2nd, 6.

And sorry if my english sucks. Join Date Aug Beans This change was made by a bot. I’m using a WeTab which uses the same hardware as the bModo 12 so it should normally work. The error message says “hardware problem”.

Getting HDMI Out Working on ExoPC Vibe

Wed Feb 13 Comment 12 Jani Nikula I was rather surprised when I look up the specs of WeTab and found that bModo has exactly the same configuration, including CPU type, memory, hard disk space and resolution. August 8th, 7. August 30th, 3.

Has anyone got the hdmi output of the chrontel ch chip to work under ubuntu? Perhaps that’s because I am not using a chrome book. I know it chronfel off-topic, but googling 10 minutes there is no right place to discuss this issue. Chrontel chip driver for ubuntu — solved welcome to the forum and nice fix, there’s a lot of files that will regenerate and fix a problem.


I will add more guides to my blog in the future. I apologize for any inconvenience that I have caused for you. Thanks for the follow-up. On a different issue, does anyone know of a driver for Broadcom Crystal HD p?

– Intel Graphic Drivers don’t detect Chrontel CHB DP to LVDS bridge

We generally ask bug reporters to first request that the driver be added to the upstream kernel. Until we are sure that the EEPROM is being loaded with the correct information for Linux and for the specific panel the customer is using, any driver debug isn’t likely to be very fruitful.

The procedure on http: I was trying to use a patch that I got from the WeTab Forums.

Lijux 4 Adolfo It really look like bModo 12 is just another casing of WeTab. How can I take advantage of that with VLC or mplayer? Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

[SOLVED] Chrontel chip driver for ubuntu

Chrnotel Date Nov Beans Hidden! Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu wrote on Duplicates of this bug Bug Is there a chance that this tutorial instructions get packaged so that the driver can be installed easier?


Is there any other status that would be more appropiate? Maybe with that the driver ignores the missing signal. Comment 8 Adolfo I don’t actually know if it’s a hardware problem screen not supportedor a driver problem. It finally works for me.