It would go something like this: What were you chmodding?! I don’t even know that it’s there. I’d definitely go back to 1. After the OS installed and the updates ran, I checked my wireless connection and I did not see any wireless networks as I anticipated. The other difference is that tee will also output what it’s given to std out the commandline as well as writing it to the file.

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Don’t post in both though!

You can try a few things, restart the hadware abstraction layer: Next to the Dell Inspiron E is a Dell latitude having an Intel wireless card which can connect to the wireless network. And, I could not be bothered to read back through this thread to see if this driver had been mentioned before, I’m sure you see why, haha. The wifi light turns on when Ubuntu is still loading, so you are probably right, the problem must del with the network manager or something, I’ll try an alternative manager and if doesn’t gets right I’ll post a thread about it, thank you.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. The second is the b43 driver, maintained upstream by the Linux kernel community. I tried adding the 3 words in the grub, with no bcm43x I used this tutorial for when I originally installed Feisty on my E, and it worked perfectly.



Uses the exact same driver and everything. Sorry for such a long post. I hope this helps someone, and thanks for all the great reading material. And thanks a bunch, it was a breeze!

SOLVED: Dell wireless 1390 WLAN Mini Card cannot connect to a wireless network

It worked just great! The settings seem frozen.

Once you’ve added those lines, save the file and quit. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Updated the drivers which did not help so removed and reinstalled the drivers, but that too did not help. Thank you very much! Thanks guys and gals! I finally got back to this problem today and for the second time I followed your very complete installation directions.

Should I create one? I greatly appreciate your efforts to help me out.

Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic – Broadcom Dell WLan

Ndiswrapper seemed to go ok but when I tried to install the driver, it could not find the driver. Once you have the light off, it will not light up again until you follow the rest of the how-to and run “sudo modprobe ndiswrapper” at which point you tell the kernel to use the ndiswrapper module enabling the driver you just installed. This thread has now had overviews and replies!!! Lines beginning with ” ” are ignored. You don’t have any extra repositories added or anything do you?


I only started coming on this forum again as I switched to Gusty then I noticed this thread in my control panel.

Then do a dhclient on it. Hybrid IP Routing Enabled. So with that knowledge I began.

If you can’t manage to connect, I’d try with an unsecured network first, as paperdiesel suggests, then turn all the security measures back on one by one to make sure they all work.

This and the upgrade to wln. No it won’t say anything. After trying thousand of different things, within the thread and with the help of my friend Google, this post that I quoted and the HOWTO of course!