Specify a Confidential User Box and a communication password in F-Code transmission to protect the confidentiality of the document. Operation procedure Open the file in the application, and click [File]. Communication error may occur on rare occasions due to the factory default setting. Can I directly fax a file on my computer without leaving my desk? You cannot connect a business phone as an external telephone.

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If they do not match, the communication will fail; therefore preventing a sending error.

Internet Fax Functions

Select a sender name to print on the fax and tap [OK]. Faxes are sent to locations with poor communication conditions at a lower baud rate. Set the date and time in this machine to have them printed on sent and received faxes. This machine receives faxes automatically, and the user receives faxes manually. Tips If there are two lines operating, you need two modular cables. Tips The destination machine the relay machine needs to have the F-code function.

This machine can connect to the following telephone lines.

Enabling/Disabling the Fax Functions

Sending a fax by relay distribution Load the original. Yes, you can forward a received fax to another fax machine, a computer or an E-mail address by registering forwarding destinations beforehand. Tips You can register up to 2, one-touch destinations in the address book. Installing the fax driver to the computer Connecting this machine to the network.


Operations Required to Use Fax Functions

Bizhub C Fax Error Could also be an issue with the 2c24 speed. Register the name of this machine and the company name fsx name as well as the fax number of the machine. Can I directly fax a file on my computer without leaving my desk? Fax Functions The Fax is a communication function that uses a telephone line to send scanned originals paper or to receive data sent from remote machines. Registering Header Position Register the name of this machine and the company name sender name as well as the fax number of the machine.

Allows you to view a list of one-touch destinations registered in a group.

Check that a modular cable is connected between the LINE port and the appropriate telephone line. Good to be back Can frequently used fax numbers be registered? You can select up to destinations.

Ask the telephone provider for the recommended settings. No mail server is required.


Hey what ya doing? Using this function helps to prevent wrong transmission or fqx forget sending of a fax. Tips When registering a group, even destinations of different types can be registered in one group.

This is helpful to prevent a fax from being sent to an incorrect destination. Tips The following preparatory steps are required: You can enter up to 24 characters. Originally Posted by emujo. Select [Yes] and configure the respective items for forwarding faxes.

For details on how to configure the settings, refer to Here. How can I send a confidential or important document by fax? If a digital dedicated line is multiplexed in an enterprise network, fax transmission bjzhub may be limited, or the Super G3 fax may not be available.

To use the fax functions, the Fax Kit is required. Tips You can also set a line to use when registering a one-touch destination.