Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Edited by chiefgolf, 02 October – The unusual Dragonfly crown design saves weight which can be redistributed elsewhere for forgiveness. These curves will help improve a shot hit that is off-center. Titleist is normally known for making equipment targeting low-handicap golfers. Performance Distance Ooh man, does this thing fly. Ideally you should be custom fitted for your driver and during this process you may hear the phrase “Launch Conditions” ;.

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The club is available in both a cc standard head, as well as a cc head, providing a large group to appeal to. What is the best material? Callaway Callaway recently took the crown as the top seller for drivers in the month of January this year, as well as becoming the number 1 driver on the LPGA.

Instead, the face takes on more of the impact, delivering more ball speed overall. What Are Launch Conditions?

Secondly, these drivers tend to be smaller, which allows you to hit draws and fades on command if you are good enough to do that. It can be overwhelming to choose between all the flashy new and lightly used drivers on the market, so we put them to the 440fc to help you find the best golf driver for your game.


With Jailbreak Technology, Callaway found a way to stabilize the crown and the sole. Bfst sure to include one of these on your list of potential new drivers. You currently have javascript disabled. In addition, the shafts available are wide ranging and offer enough diversity to fit any player. Write a customer review. Callaway Optiforce 9. If you’ve been on the fence about Wilson Staff clubs in recent years, we encourage you to get off that fence.

This can cause golfers to pick the simpler option. Cobra comes in swinging with 3 models available. The ball flies straight out with no spin curve and the Center of Gravity being directly behind the center of the golf ball at impact. In the case of the M1, the extra mass was shifted to the sole of the club which reduces the center of gravity. Therefore 440cd with slower swing speeds, of around 90mph or less, will need more loft to optimise their launch conditions.

The blue crown I could do without but the shape is perfect.

If COR was equal to 1. There are six different shaft types all with varying weights and specs for men and besst shafts for women. In general, if your mishits rarely come on the heel or toe of the club face, than the smaller driver should be a consideration. You can follow him on Twitter, tjauclair.

Golf Driver Buying Guide

Also, your friends will enjoy taking bets on how long it takes you to lose the little wrench that came with your new adjustable club. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? How does shaft length affect a driver?


Why would someone pay that much for a besr club? Better players will appreciate the high level of adjustability offered by the Rogue Sub Zero Driver which might also be the best low spin driver on the market, and the Rogue Draw Driver will help beginners with their slice.

A-GRIND 440cc Driver Review

Face angle refers to the angle of the face at address. The Titleist driver is an amazing club. It made of a large, hollow, metal head with a long a graphite shaft, typically extending about inches from end-to-end.

This pattern makes the sweet spot more obvious and aesthetically pleasing. The new drivers are modeled a bit more like an airplane wing where the airflow is beat to pass behind the clubhead. This development is based on wind-tunnel testing to minimize the friction from the air during your downswing.