I had the A7M and hated it. They don’t test it at anything other than FSB. Since the A7MD doesn’t have true core voltage adjustment you can adjust vCore, but only for one CPU , there will only be so much overclocking potential with this motherboard. You forgot a smiley there. Nov 21, Posts: It hit Hong Kong and Japanese computer stores this weekend, and should be in the hands of U. As far as the MSI is concerned, that board is going to suck.

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Tue Jan 01, Azus am curious if there are any that will fit in my second-generation Koolance case which should have no trouble with two 2GHz Athlons, according to Koolancewhich can accomodate motherboards up to Tue Jan 01, 2: Sun Dec 30, 1: The A7MD finally began shipping late last week. Tue Jan 01, 3: I think i will wait a tad bit longer.


Mon Dec 31, 9: Now that I think about it, I’m kind of an Asus whore myself.

Sep 19, Posts: I was hoping to have a choice between Tyan and Asus for those of us who would rather have extra work put into stability instead of overclocking features While they were playing with the Thunder, i was playing with the MSI MSI is on Rev 3.

Gigabyte, Iwill and Epox have better specs. They are at least on Rev 4. I guess because Abit wasn’t up to the task of designing a board from scratch.

ASUS A7MD – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – AMD MPX Overview – CNET

Feb 11, Posts: I felt sorry for the poor suckers asua received these boards with no multiplier adjustments. Welp, just got done reading the manual here.

Development resources are finite. Originally posted by Dandy Warhol: Your a Asus whore Jim, are you going to pick one of these up?

ASUS A7MD Dual Athlon Motherboard

Mon Dec 31, Dec 7, Posts: Dump the audio, replace it with Raid! I had the A7M and hated it.


They don’t test it at anything other than FSB. RonL – I find it hard a7m66 believe the Abit offering would not offer overclocking options, and would hesitate against saying anything firm about a product not-yet released.

ASUS A7M266-D – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – AMD-760 MPX

After a BIOS rev or two, it probably won’t matter either way in a practical sense Mar 8, Posts: Though a little rough, i do believe you can select the cpu clock speed. I thought x86 could only address 4 maximum.

Jul 21, Posts: Dinglehoser Ars Tribunus Militum Tribus: Nov 8, Posts: