Radeon HD CrossFire: I’m playing relatively new games with the exception of StarCraft and CS source and my system absolutely loves the new drivers Tests were conducted using a Radeon HD The subsequent three months see additional optimizations for benchmark games to achieve better test results. Does this version support OpenGL 3.

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Driver Update from I also installled the Should I have waited on my purchase of a for the 55nm version or does it just not make that much of a difference?

If the claim that every graphics driver brings more speed were true, no one would ever buy new 3D hardware again because the driver updates would deliver greater benefits. Installed betaa on my machine last night — 3DMark06 and 3DMark05 both went up about pts. This is the only way to determine how much potential could be seen in the fast graphics chips.

Think these performance increases effect my gt? Please read the release notes for more information on product support, features, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

NVIDIA ForceWare Graphics Drivers | Geeks3D

As a series chip, it has the longest possible period of driver optimization and serves as the lower performance limit for the CPU power test. Comparing Chips And Configurations. Ugh, just installed new drivers 2 days ago.


Radeon HD CrossFire: If you believe the most emphatic gamers, a graphics drivers update is good for—what, 10 or 15 percent additional performance? Ripped From XS Release notes http: In this evaluation we aim veta determine how much of a performance increase could be seen between the Catalyst 8.

Do New Drivers Really Boost Performance?

Greater individual results are possible, but these usually result from errors in memory adaptation or poorly optimized games—for example, Flight Simulator X with Nvidia cards that have less than MB of graphics memory or Crysis, which remains a constant source of changes as frame rates yo-yo depending on the driver version used.

AMD and Nvidia release numerous driver builds every year.

I’m still running a different driver under vista 64, No good performance for me I guess. Summary Of Performance Differences Page Also keep that GT, it’s not doing anything you don’t want it too.

GeForce Release 177

Being single gpu and not DX10. Does anyone know how these compare to the I’m playing relatively new games with the exception of StarCraft and CS source and my system absolutely loves the new drivers Geta price better reflect on the smaller die If each of these drivers were to increase 3D speed by 10 percent, the graphics cards would double their performance in a few months.


Includes several 3D application performance improvements. The greatest speed increases for new products generally come within the next three months, when more errors are found and corrected, and beat are made to meet current game requirements, ensuring the basic level of 3D performance.

It hates older games locks the computer up when I try to open onebut other than that it is great I guess.

When you all install new drivers, do you remove the old ones first using a driver cleaner or do you just run the install? Always uninstall the previous driver at the very least I never bother uninstalling the previous driver: Tests were conducted 1777.92 a Radeon HD I just installed those on my xp boot last week. Getting well above 60fps. As a result, running benchmarks on Catalyst 8.

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